Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today must have been a day for milestones. I guess Sweet Pea thinks she can turn 1 and do it all! First, she took her little ride-on and pushed it to the loveseat. She climbed onto it and sat on it on her knees for awhile. Then she proceeded to climb onto the loveseat! I couldn't believe my eyes! A bit later she was standing against the couch but not holding on. Then I sat on the floor to see if she'd walk to me. She took one step and fell. I got her standing and she took two steps and then fell! My sweet baby is growing up and I don't feel ready for it! I love seeing her learn but I just want her to remain a precious baby for a bit longer. Yesterday I had her weighed at WIC. She's 20.4 lbs and 27 7/8 inches long. I guess I can put her foreword facing now!!! I'm going to wait until closer to our trip out East, so it's more of a 'treasure' for her!

Booty Shaker started his math today. He did 5 pages all on his own! Granted, there were only about 3 problems on each page. He was saying before math that he didn't want to do it and he hates math and yet he was so eager when he got started!!!

Junior Squirrel wrote his first journal entry today. In our Spelling they write journal entries. I hope it will get him better at writing and spelling and to process thoughts. He had to write about his summer vacation. He only wrote about 4 sentences but with this writing and a writing program I'm going to do with them this year I'm sure it will help!

Chatterbox has been a huge helper. She's been doing chores around here without me helping. Today I finished my lunch and took SP upstairs to put her for a nap. I expected to come down and have to clean the kitchen but here was CB cleaning up! Later on I found her cleaning the downstairs bathroom! It's not the first day I've seen her doing work that I never asked her to do. I haven't even stated it needed doing! Way to go my big girl!!!


Kim said...

I think that happened when Jalynn turned one too. Seemed like she did it all at once. No more baby,shes a big girl Bs seems to enjoy school and his work. What a bigger helper CB is. I love when my kids get into a cleaning mood. It is such a big help when they clean up. I gave Jesse the task of unloading my dishwasher everyday and I love it.

Amie said...

I had the boys start journals back in April, and I have found it has helped them a lot with spelling and grammar.

WildCAT said...

Awww...CB is so sweet! I love how she is with the little ones and I've noticed she is a huge helper (and has a good attitude about it!)! I'll totally let her marry Creighton! LOL =)

Darlene said...

I am missing out on A. crawling and climbing. boo hoo hoo - tear-tear-tear
H. can come to my house every summer and do my cleaning while I work, no sense in waiting until she is older!
Love you all. Nanny

Anonymous said...

They grow up to fast!
Noah has been pulling up and crawling everywhere!
Such blessings!