Sunday, November 21, 2010


It seems like there's been such madness in the South since we left over 2 years ago!  I keep hearing about this or that and lately it's just been very unsettling to me.  One of the most major things that's been heavy on my heart is the amount of divorce going on in our old church.  It really, really saddens me to hear of people we fellowshipped with, sat in church with, etc divorcing.  I'm just in shock.  And I can't help but wonder if the leaders of the church are doing anything about it, trying to work with the couples to keep them together?  Of course, I don't know all the surrounding circumstances (I don't know any details and that is fine), but it really just breaks my heart.  Is my marriage easy?  By no means!  I've been such a grouch with Zach off and on lately, just my own funk, but that doesn't mean we'd ever get divorced!!!  By no means!  Sometimes he really irritates me, but does that mean we get divorced?  No!  We've been through some tough times together...I mean just losing three babies, but does that mean we throw in the towel?  Nope.  Our baby's losses have drawn us closer.  Of course, we don't have abuse or adultery in our marriage- thankfully!  Like I said, I don't know the circumstances, it just makes me so sad.

And I know it's everywhere...even very common in the church these days.  I have to say though, that looking back to our friends and churches in NC and ND there hasn't been nearly as much divorce, thankfully! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

This morning I had the thought, "I'm going to blog about that today" but now I have no idea what that was in reference to!  I need to just write or type myself a note so I can remember once I finally have a chance to blog.  Today Gabe was a bit sick.  He woke up this morning and came in my room saying he didn't feel well and he just laid there for quite awhile.  He couldn't eat breakfast, said his stomach and head hurt.  I gave him some Tylenol and he laid around most of the morning.  Then he seemed to perk up and got dressed, made his bed (and his brother's), and even ate lunch so in the afternoon I had him do his schoolwork.  He seems fine now, thankfully!  Maybe the more this thing trickles down the less severe it is- I got the worst but I'd rather it be me than them!  Abby's been fine, but her appetite still isn't right and today she had quite a few nasty diapers!

Last night I had the craziest dreams.  The first one was more like a nightmare.  I must have woken up and there were spiders in the corner of the ceiling and they were spinning webs across my room and I just freaked out.  I came downstairs to get Zach and when we went back upstairs there were spiders in another corner too.  It sounds funny now, but it was seriously terrifying- especially when I was laying in the very spots they were above!  Two even came on my headboard!  EWWWW  (Sadie, I know you love this dream!  lol). 

The other dream I had was of me at a doctors office.  I think they were doing a vaginal ultrasound and it was right around all these windows!!!!  All these med students came in and it was just really weird.  I was even freaking out on my way home about driving home in snow!!??  Weird to remember both dreams in one night- I haven't remembered one in quite some time.

On a totally different note, I've been using quite a few Pampered Chef recipes lately.  Do you know you can find them online?  Here I keep buying their cookbooks!  The last few things I've made from there consist of putting the skillet in the oven!  It's so easy and yet delicious!  Speaking of food, I really need to make a menu up and figure out our Thanksgiving menu.  I guess it's just us...I should invite some people over but I just assume most have family around to go to.  I did invite a friend's sister who is alone in Des Moines, but I'm not sure she'll come!  I really want to open my home to people who have nowhere to go (maybe college students at church).  That always meant a lot to me when I was in college.  Hmm, maybe I need to contact my church about this...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two funnies

Gabe: uh oh I think I'm gonna have diarrhea, as he's sitting on the toilet and grunting

Me: are you ok?

He then is done and I ask of his poop (to make sure it wasn't what he said): is it hard or soft

Gabe: I don't know I didn't feel it

Me still lol'ing....I sure hope he didn't FEEL it!!!!!
has a little 2 year old ham in the house. I asked her what she wanted to eat for a snack and she pointed to a part on mommy where she used to get her milk from and said, "Mmmm"

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


You'd think my children would be grateful that we're barely doing any school this week, yet they can't stop complaining about the measly work I give them.  So maybe I should keep piling it on!?!?  I'm so frustrated with them!  Be happy I'm doing you a favor and not piling on additional work this week since we missed 3 days last week!  I tell ya, a Mom sometimes just can't win.  On another note, why are they in and out, up and down and so loud at naptime!?!?  Yesterday they were so good and I actually fell asleep too.  Today they're driving me up the wall and already woke up Abby after only sleeping for 40 minutes!!!  I'm praying she fell back to sleep.  Seriously, I'm at a loss here!  I'm being 'nice', not making them do school during naptime and this is the thanks I get!?!?  On another note, I began potty training yesterday.  We've had some successes and some accidents.  It is funny though, because twice now when I've put a diaper on Abby and she starts to pee she freaks out and looks down at her legs, thinking there's pee trickling down them but it's contained in her diaper!  So, I think she's kinda getting least knowing when she has to pee before it happens!  I just want to write off this day though.  I want to crawl back into bed and sleep away.  I have to take the boys to the dentist this afternoon.  Josiah needs a tooth pulled and Gabe needs sealants.  More money that we don't have down the tubes.  Why do all these things happen before Christmas!?!?  We have eye dr. appointments in a few weeks and I really need some new glasses (and I'm praying the kids won't need new ones) but how will I afford them?  Ok, enough complaining...I'm sleepy.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

A new fave

When I was sick and talked to the doctor they said to drink this.  It's my new favorite drink.  Much healthier than pop!  I'm thankful because I've also been trying to stop drinking pop.  I've only tried the grape and one other kind.  I don't remember what that was because I was too sick to care.  I like the grape kind. 

Here I am!

I'm feeling back to myself again, thankfully!  I'm even more thankful that so far nobody seems to have gotten it still.  Which is kind of weird.  I was so very sick.  How did I get it and not them?  I'm glad it was me and not them, though!

Last night I went to see the movie, Like Dandelion Dust, with my friend, Sadie.  It is based on the book by Karen Kingsbury.  Oh boy, what a tear jerker.  There were a few points where I just could not stop the tears and was crying so hard.  Then at the end I felt like I could just pour out rivers, but it was all stuck- my throat and stomach hurt!  I love girly movies like that!  lol

Today I need to catch up on laundry and I just want to try to relax.  I also have the second and third books of the Hunger Games series from the library so I need to begin and finish those in three weeks.  I know once I get into them I won't want to put them down, so my goal is to get started today!  Zach is gone fishing so we'll see how much reading I get done though!

Did I ever mention that I think we 'finally' became members of our church?  Remember that whole fiasco?  Well, we never heard anything and finally Zach asked this guy who'd sat in on our testimony if he knew anything.  The guy said that the Sunday night before they'd read names but he couldn't remember the names read.  Well, then last week I received an email from our church, just a missionary update.  I've never before received emails from church so figured we must be 'in'.  I'm not sure how I feel about it!  lol  It was almost a huge headache to 'join', ya know?  Then yesterday I received another email, one the Pastor sends out to members.  So I guess it's official.  Speaking of churches, I am very sad to see so many people from our church in Mississippi divorcing.  What on earth!?!?  Why are the leaders of churches just allowing this to happen and not trying to step in and help?  It is so devastating. 

Some of you probably read this on facebook yesterday.  We went to co-op.  Gabe had gotten hit in the stomach with a soccer ball and was crying.  I told him I saw a boy in Hannah's class get hit in his private area and he didn't cry.  So, on the way home Gabe told his brother and sister, "A boy got hit in the crotch with a ball and didnt' cry."  Josiah's response was, "Did it break?"  Oh man, I busted out laughing!!!

Well, I should switch out the laundry and make the bed and shower and...relax!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


And the flu has hit!  GREAT!!!  I haven't gotten out of bed yet unless it's been to run to the bathroom!  I am praying really hard that my kids don't get it!  This is miserable- and it's been awhile since I've had the flu. 

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


It was so cute- I was getting ready for bed tonight and came out of my bathroom to this site!  Abby had climbed into my spot on the bed and opened up my computer and was 'typing' away!  I love her!

As I took the picture above off of Hannah's memory card I also found this picture of Abby.  Big sister playing dress up with little sister again!

Trying not to freak out

I'm really trying to not freak out.  Our finances are such a mess.  We've been so broke the past couple of months.  Zach has needed tires for his car so got two with the last paycheck and he still needs two more!  Christmas is coming up.  We're only going to be able to spend $50 on each child this year, which in some ways seems like a lot of money but considering how expensive everything is it's not much.  And I know Christmas is more than presents, but I hate not being able to afford to give my children things, ya know?  Then yesterday we got our statement for our what our new payment will be now that our taxes are kicking in.  It is not pretty, folks.  It's almost double of what we're currently paying.  Zach wonders why I worry and says he doesn't worry at all.  He also doesn't do the bills!  So please pray for us.  Pray for wisdom as I really somehow need to grasp what to do with our  money- how to stretch it better.  I've even considered doing childcare in my home or something but I seriously don't know how I would do that!  I know we get a pay raise in January but I doubt it will be much.  UGH, I hate dealing with money!!!  On the other hand, there have been instances where God has really been blessing us at the same time!  He is so good and I know He'll never leave us destitute or hungry.  I know He is trying to grow my trust in Him even more, but boy it is stretching in SO many ways!