Sunday, November 21, 2010


It seems like there's been such madness in the South since we left over 2 years ago!  I keep hearing about this or that and lately it's just been very unsettling to me.  One of the most major things that's been heavy on my heart is the amount of divorce going on in our old church.  It really, really saddens me to hear of people we fellowshipped with, sat in church with, etc divorcing.  I'm just in shock.  And I can't help but wonder if the leaders of the church are doing anything about it, trying to work with the couples to keep them together?  Of course, I don't know all the surrounding circumstances (I don't know any details and that is fine), but it really just breaks my heart.  Is my marriage easy?  By no means!  I've been such a grouch with Zach off and on lately, just my own funk, but that doesn't mean we'd ever get divorced!!!  By no means!  Sometimes he really irritates me, but does that mean we get divorced?  No!  We've been through some tough times together...I mean just losing three babies, but does that mean we throw in the towel?  Nope.  Our baby's losses have drawn us closer.  Of course, we don't have abuse or adultery in our marriage- thankfully!  Like I said, I don't know the circumstances, it just makes me so sad.

And I know it's everywhere...even very common in the church these days.  I have to say though, that looking back to our friends and churches in NC and ND there hasn't been nearly as much divorce, thankfully! 


Amie said...

I was shocked earlier this year by a good friend's divorce. So was SHE, actually. In this case, something major had happened (not in their marriage, but in their life) that made her husband question things, and before you know it he didn't want to be married anymore. Very sad, and like I mentioned, shocking.

I am OK said...

It always bothers me too.