Tuesday, November 09, 2010


You'd think my children would be grateful that we're barely doing any school this week, yet they can't stop complaining about the measly work I give them.  So maybe I should keep piling it on!?!?  I'm so frustrated with them!  Be happy I'm doing you a favor and not piling on additional work this week since we missed 3 days last week!  I tell ya, a Mom sometimes just can't win.  On another note, why are they in and out, up and down and so loud at naptime!?!?  Yesterday they were so good and I actually fell asleep too.  Today they're driving me up the wall and already woke up Abby after only sleeping for 40 minutes!!!  I'm praying she fell back to sleep.  Seriously, I'm at a loss here!  I'm being 'nice', not making them do school during naptime and this is the thanks I get!?!?  On another note, I began potty training yesterday.  We've had some successes and some accidents.  It is funny though, because twice now when I've put a diaper on Abby and she starts to pee she freaks out and looks down at her legs, thinking there's pee trickling down them but it's contained in her diaper!  So, I think she's kinda getting it...at least knowing when she has to pee before it happens!  I just want to write off this day though.  I want to crawl back into bed and sleep away.  I have to take the boys to the dentist this afternoon.  Josiah needs a tooth pulled and Gabe needs sealants.  More money that we don't have down the tubes.  Why do all these things happen before Christmas!?!?  We have eye dr. appointments in a few weeks and I really need some new glasses (and I'm praying the kids won't need new ones) but how will I afford them?  Ok, enough complaining...I'm sleepy.


Kim said...

It never fails here too, I tell the boys to be quiet in the mornings when their sister is sleeping, and they end up waking her up. Then it puts me in a rotten mood, cause it ruins my plans of resting too. Sounds like she might be getting the whole potty training thing. keep at it.Persistence pays off. Im totally in your shoes too, Got eye appointments, need new contacts, there is always something to be paid for around the holidays

I am OK said...

Just catching up on my blog readings. I've popped in a few times, but always seem to be pulled away before I can say something :D Hopefully all the appointments went well. I know how stressful they can be and how fast all that cash can swirl down the drain!