Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trip Part 3- Georgia

We have friends that we were stationed with in N.C. that live in Augusta so we thought it would be fun to visit them. They've had two children since we last saw them! Not to mention their oldest is now a teenager! That was weird! We had a nice visit with them. The kiddos had a blast playing outside on the trampoline! We woke up Thursday morning to go to that breakfast place my kids love. Well, when I was in the shower Princess ended up puking. Great. She said her stomach hurt because she was so hungry, but I'm not so sure that was the case.

While at the infamous breakfast place Cuddly Boy took a drink of his OJ and the next thing I know, he's puking. The rest of the time there he just lay in my lap. Then when we arrived back at our friend's house he puked again. So, I had he and Princess lay by me and kept my eye on them. I didn't want them running around as I had no idea what was going on. Well they were fine, no more incidents, and nobody else was sick either. Although all that day my stomach really hurt, but I wonder if it was just psychological (I see puke and feel sick). Thankfully whatever it was didn't pass all around! But because of that I didn't want to drag my kids here, there and everywhere so we didn't' really do much. The kids did have fun playing together though and Kim and I went and got a pedicure and we also went out to lunch. The guys had the pleasure of staying with all 7 kids! They're great;)

Friday was a busy day. We went on a homeschool 'field trip' with them to a farm. What a blast!!! We got to feed & pet horses, see llamas, feed sheep and cows, chase chickens and go on a hayride! It was really neat and very informative. We all enjoyed it. We also went out to lunch and went for ice cream. Zach wanted to do some shopping and we were able to get more RAM for our laptop! That evening Kim and I went to a scrapbook crop. I didn't have pictures or anything with me (I don't even scrapbook although I do have quite a few supplies) but I listened as the lady talked, got to meet Kim's friends and eat some WONDERFUL food (I think the lady said it was Hungarian Goulash, though nothing like the goulash we make). I ended up coming back home and calling a local Creative Memories lady to purchase their Power Sort Box. It stores tons of pictures and I figure if we have to evacuate for a hurricane (I hope not) then its alot more convenient to have to take that than numerous photo albums.

We were planning on staying at their house until Monday or Tuesday but ended up leaving Saturday. I had back issues the whole time I was gone (probably from sleeping on so many different beds). Plus I just missed being home and relaxing at home. Zach was anxious to get home too. We thought about going to Six Flags on the way home- we even had tickets where the kids could get in for free- but we opted out. It was a holiday weekend and I figured it would be crazy busy. It was so nice to come home and just chill out. Not to mention sleeping in my own bed!

We had a good time visiting with old friends! It always amazes me how much their children grow! Everybody we saw really had changed in some way, although they also looked the same (if that makes sense). It was such a good trip, but I love being home. I haven't done much of anything all week. Guess I'm still in vacation mode;) Zach doesn't go back to work until Monday so I figure until then I'm on vacation too! I'll post the pictures from Georgia tomorrow as they are on the other computer.

Georgia Pictures

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trip Part 2- South Carolina

We headed out of North Carolina and went to S.C. and checked out Shaw AFB. It was a really nice base, but the housing wasn't the best we've seen (but we're picky). They had a really nice park there (some of the pictures were taken there) with a lake/pond that you could fish in. We saw so many turtles swimming in there- it was really neat. Then we headed to Columbia where we FINALLY found a hotel. We fed the kids some dinner and went in search of Go-Karts. It was our anniversary and Zach wanted to play like a kid;) We found this cool park, with all sorts of things to do. We had fun on the Go-Karts and we also attempted to play mini golf. That was interesting with three little ones, especially when the park was closing soon. So after awhile Zach and I would take our turn and then we'd let the kids hurry through theirs at the same time- not really counting their strokes! Cuddly Boy would just hit his ball once and then go and put it in the hole and say, "My did it". It was pretty funny to watch us, I bet!

We stayed at a nice hotel- the bed was so super soft and so were the towels. The blankets on the bed looked brand new and not all nasty. After sleeping in TLF, or I should say not sleeping, we had a good nights sleep! We slept in real late to get our money's worth and then headed out for breakfast. My kids LOVE I-Hop. The one by our hotel was packed and we drove around looking for another with no luck. By that time we were downtown, which was our destination, and it was lunchtime. So, we grabbed some Mexican food and told the kids we'd do breakfast the next day. They weren't too pleased, but I'm sure they were hungry and they ate their food right up! Oh, after we grabbed the food we drove down the street to eat and lo and behold on the NEXT corner there was an I-Hop. I was going to keep my mouth shut, but Cuddly Boy noticed it right away!

We were parked right in front of the S.C. State House (capitol building). We got out and toured the grounds looking at all of the different statues. Then we went in. The architecture was amazing! We even got a lesson in 'government' as they were voting on something and we could hear them. We did venture up the steps a bit to take a look but I feared one of the kids shouting or something and didn't go too far. Not to mention all of the looks from those 'upper class' people. I could just see their mind working, 'Uh, what are people doing bringing that many children in here?'

We then went to EdVenture Children's Museum. That place was SO cool. Remember the membership my neighbor bought us for a Christmas gift to our local children's museum? Well, you can use it at other ones around the country- and this was one of them! It says its the South's largest children's museum. It was SO neat and even Zach & I had fun playing in there! There was so much to see and do- from milking a cow to driving a car. From changing a tire to painting a wall. And we can't forget Eddie- who you could climb in and see his organs, his heart beating, etc. It was amazing and I would even have paid to go there! After that we ventured into Georgia which will be Part 3! Stay tuned folks;)

South Carolina Pictures

Trip Part 1- North Carolina

The night before we left for the trip we discovered an error in our checkbook. You see, months ago Zach took over the bills (although I still try to balance the checkbook). Well, he had taken out more than he should have for our mortgage two months in a row so we had $900 extra!!! We barely had to use the credit card! God is so faithful (even in mistakes)!

I have taken so many pictures (400) that I decided to break our trip up into sections! I got to meet Christine on the way to Goldsboro and that was a delight. Our husband's had fun talking about guns, we had fun talking about childbirth, children and homeschooling, and our children warmed up to one another and had fun playing. It was so neat to actually meet in person somebody I felt like I already knew, a sister in Christ.

We made it to Goldsboro and the time just flew by. We saw our old friends, the Bishop's, who we were stationed with in Minot. I remember life before we were pregnant and Diana and I talking about having a baby and then we both got pregnant around the same time! Princess talks about marrying Alex, Diana's firstborn. We went to our old church and got to see many familiar faces. They even had a picnic afterwards and we got to visit with people we normally wouldn't have seen on the trip. We also had CARE group (although it was a totally different group) at Beth's house. I got to get out alone with Beth and do some shopping at TARGET and Old Navy! We ate some of our favorite foods while there and we even discovered a couple of new places. We had a picnic where the kids could play and I could visit with all the ladies. Poor Daddy got stuck watching the kids alot, but he really didn't mind. Some of our friends have moved since we lived there so he didn't exactly have alot of people to hang out with. We drove by our old house and drove by all the new housing they're building. Don't forget the swimming in Beth's backyard or the dinner with some other friends. Afterwards we had went to the park downtown. When we lived there I never really ventured to that seemed so creepy. But, we had fun (except for the Mexican guy staring our way).

We stayed in TLF and let's just say we didn't sleep well. It is the same setup as the one here and Zach had fears of roaches trying to open his mouth at night (happened when we moved here). There were weird creaks in the walls at night and our sleep was hard to come-by, but it was worth it. It was so good to see familiar faces and meet people's children (most of the ladies were pregnant, along with me, when we moved).

It was hard to leave and there were tears in my eyes as I said good-bye to friends. Even though my home is here, in Mississippi (for now), part of my heart is still in North Carolina with the friends I have there. I am thankful to Zach for taking me on this trip. It was like therapy for me after a long hard beginning of the year. I feel so refreshed. I am so thankful. I am blessed.

North Carolina Pictures

Saturday, May 26, 2007


We made it home. We didn't plan on coming home this early but were really just wanting our own bed and home. It is SO GOOD to be home! I feel so refreshed! We made it home a little over an hour ago and we've already unpacked, bathed and put the kiddos to bed. I've done 2 loads of laundry also. I've showered and am so comfy. We really enjoyed our visits with all of our friends. Will have to update and have pictures up soon. Right now I'm going to relax!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Am I REALLY online???

Go figure that we FINALLY get our wireless to work. We've had this thing for over a year! Not sure what the deal was, but it is so nice to be online on vacation. I think I checked email twice briefly in like a week! That's probably the first time I've gone so long without being online since we've had Internet!

Tomorrow is our 8 year anniversary! We leave NC tomorrow and will do some sightseeing on our way to Augusta. We'll probably stay the night somewhere in SC and head to Augusta on Wed. We're having a great time seeing old friends who were like family to us. I will try to type more tomorrow or something, but I have a million things to do tonight.

I hope everybody is doing well and I can't wait to catch up on y'all!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to NC we go!

Tomorrow we are heading out of town to visit friends in North Carolina and Georgia. We will be visiting with my friend Beth among other old friends in NC, including my friend, Diana (we were stationed in Minot together). I'm also hoping to be able to visit with Christine for awhile. Though we've never met I feel like I know her! Then we'll head to Georgia to visit with my friend Kim. We may make a trip to Six Flags on the way back to MS but we're not yet sure. Everything isn't set in stone yet, so we're kinda up for anything! I'm really looking forward to getting away for awhile. I need a break from the normalcy of my life, and I'm praying that my visits with friends will uplift and encourage me (which I know they will).

Did you have a blessed Mother's Day? I hope so. Mine was a good one, though a bit difficult with the thoughts in my mind that I 'should' either have a baby or be pregnant with one. Our church service was awesome. We had Save-A-Baby Sunday and the goal was to get $4,000 to help save one baby through the local pregnancy crisis center. Well, we raised $10,000!!!! I was in tears! Praise God! The sermon was wonderful (as always) and the music minister sang a wonderful song that had me fleeing to the bathroom where I bawled for a good minute. We went out to lunch, went by the cemetery so I could 'visit' my baby and walked along the beach. On the way home it began to thunderstorm and I enjoyed seeing some beautiful lightning. I am so thankful to be a mother and have a mother. My mother sacrificed SO much for me- her entire life- and of that I am grateful. If it wasn't for her love for me from the time I was conceived I would not be here. I love her with a love unfounded and I hope that she knows just how much.

Oh, and our mother-daughter tea at church was such fun! When I get pictures (they had a photographer) I will be sure to post them!

Please be in prayer this week for my sister-in-law, Amie. She is scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday. You can read more about her pregnancy issues over the past few months at her blog. Pray for the safety of both her and her precious daughter. I cannot wait to get a phone call with the news we have a new niece! We love you and are praying for you guys, Amie!

With that said it is time for me to hop in the shower, run to the store, do school and pack. I doubt I will really be able to post while on vacation (if only our laptop had wireless service). I will miss reading your stories and words of encouragement but I will be back!

Friday, May 11, 2007

New 'Do

Well today I braved the 'world' and took all 3 kiddos with me when I got my hair cut. They were pretty well behaved, but you can tell when people aren't used to kids (such as the owner of the salon). While there I was a bit stressed about it all, but when I left I thought, "I don't care. Children are a blessing and the world needs to see that. They weren't bad, they were just being kids". So, anxious to see the new 'do? I decided to get a bob. I always love the fresh feeling of one, especially when the humidity begins! But Zach really likes my long hair, so I have no idea what he's going to say!

Homeschool Awards

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Mommy's Day Contest!!!

Everyday Mommy is giving away a new blog design! How I would love for my blog to look more savvy and cool. Be sure to check it out!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hump Day

I can't believe it is already Wednesday. Where has the week gone??? We are supposed to go on vacation next week and still don't have plans worked out! Which is kind of ok with me- I don't want to be too planned, but the people we will be visiting while on our trip will want to know things! Christine, we will be driving right by you and I REALLY want to meet you!

Monday Little Man had a fun birthday. We went to a playgroup, went to a toy store downtown where he picked out some gifts with some birthday money, had a picnic in the living room (he didn't want to have it in the backyard), opened gifts, ate cake and I think we watched a movie. He said he had a fun day and loves his toys! I still can't get over that he is 5 years old (especially with the fit he threw today).

Yesterday I took Cuddly Boy to get his cast off. He is not supposed to run, jump or climb for 4 more weeks. Impossible! He was so brave when they sawed that thing off- he even asked them to do it again! It looked like the bone was still a little cracked (to me) on the X-Ray, but at least he didn't have to be recasted! He's still getting used to walking on it and his poor skin is so dry so I've been lubing it up all day. Daddy took out the pool when he got home from work so that he could finally swim! I also went to view Bob Jones books as a rep was in our area. I always love to get my hands on the books and leaf through them before I decide to buy them. I'm still undecided what to do for history next year.

Today was our first normal day of the week and we are STAYING HOME! Sometimes it gets so overwhelming running around all of the time. Well, yesterday was nice because I only had Cuddly boy with me so I enjoyed our time together. We had our first normal day of school, our first normal day of fits, and our first normal day of naps. I cannot believe that both boys went for a nap with hardly a word! I LOVE it! And I NEEDED it! We're thinking of refinancing our home. We're in an ARM right now and it ends in July...which would make our payments skyrocket and our interest rate jump to like 8.6%!!! Originally (when we bought) we were only supposed to be here 3 years, so no problem. But, the Air Force had other we've got to do something so we're not flat broke on our faces. Luckily I have a friend here who works with this stuff and I finally called her. I just pray it all works to our benefit- both now and in the long run.

Have a Happy Hump Day!!!

May Fun!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Man

Today my Little Man is 5. I have no idea where the 5 years seems impossible that he is already this age! I remember the day he was born as though it were yesterday! He has been such an added joy to our family and we're so thankful for him! Here are 5 things I love about my Little Man:
1. He is great at sharing. More often than not if he's playing with a toy Cuddly Boy wants he will give it up.
2. He's got such a 'big brother' heart. He can't stand it if his siblings get in trouble or get hurt. He is still upset about Cuddly Boy's broken leg! He's always the one telling us not to spank Cuddly Boy!
3. He has quite the imagination! He's always making up these words and naming his toys the most absurd names! I love hearing what he comes up with next!
4. He always makes us laugh. He can be quite the entertainer and busts quite the move!
5. You'll always hear him singing/humming a tune. What the song is only he knows. As he plays he loves to make noise, as though its a theme song in a Superhero movie!

Happy Birthday my dear Little Man!!! We LOVE you!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Contest!!!

Another contest by 5 Minutes for Mom!!! This one is for an Apple iPod Nano and Chocolate Gift Set!!! There are other prizes too!!! Check it out, it could be yours!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

This week I have been so increasingly BLESSED. Monday morning I woke up and the two older kids and I had breakfast (the little one was still sleeping). Well, once Cuddly boy woke up for some reason Little Man threw the BIGGEST fit. It wasn't even 8 am and I had to deal with this annoyance. Boy, I was NOT a happy momma!

Well, as I was getting ready to walk on the treadmill my phone rang (second phone call in the morning- that NEVER happens THAT early). It was a lady from my homeschool group telling me she's coming over to help me. Ok. You see, I won't *ask* for help. I will put out prayer requests and be honest about how I am doing, but I'm just not the kind of person to ask for help. So, when somebody tells me they're helping me, that is right up my alley! And this lady didn't know I was like that, the Lord must have laid it on her heart. My children probably didn't remember her, but they took right to her. She took the boys outside while I did some school with Princess, then she played with Princess and Cuddly boy while I did some school with Little Man. It was SO helpful! Especially the way my morning began.

While she was here I think my phone rang about 5 more times- no exaggeration. Most of the people who called were from that same group. Then the doctor called. I tell you, I am blessed to have been under the care of him. All of my tests that they ran came back normal. I told him how I've been doing and he mentioned pastoral counseling and prayer, but also told me I could go on an anti-depressant if I wanted. He did say something to the affect of the prayer and counseling being more effective than the drugs. I was floored- a DOCTOR saying that! Normally they are SO quick to put you on the drug and that's it. But, for a doctor to talk about prayer...well, I was so happy to hear that I cried!

That afternoon we had to go to the dentist again. Since I was that way I stopped by the base to get some groceries. I ran into about 4 people there that I know. It was just so encouraging- first in the morning to be surrounded by phone calls, then to see ladies I know. I know God was watching over me that day.

Tuesday was probably the best day of the week as far as my 'mood'. I didn't yell as much and seemed to be able to handle the little things. That evening I went to a homeschool meeting/Mom's Night and was SO super blessed! I love those ladies!!!

Wednesday was just a day of schooling and cleaning. The house needed to be dusted, so I cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more.

Today. Let me tell you, I am blessed. Another lady from that same homeschool group offered to treat me AND a friend to lunch while she and her granddaughter baby-sit our kids. This woman is older, a grandmother raising and homeschooling her granddaughter. I've seen her at Mom's Nights, but other than that don't know her *too* well, but totally trust her. So, today my friend Sara and I went to lunch at this little tea room downtown while Ms. Pat took my children to play at McDonald's and the park. She even bought them Happy Meals! I just feel SO blessed. That is true service, ya know? I came home feeling so much more relaxed and peaceful. Amazing what a lunch date with a good friend can do for a person! Not to mention free childcare and a free lunch. Thank you, God, for the wonderful women you've put into my life.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


WOW! That is what I thought when I saw my comment from Anna that she gave me this award. I don't really consider my blog one that is thought provoking, like many others I read. I don't often offer Biblical insight or homeschool ideas like those I glean from other blogs. Therefore, I am in shock. But thankful. Thanks Anna! And, you are right. I am honest in my posts. Why hide behind a shiny, pretty facade. I am who I am. So, I am to give this award to five people. And my five people need to give it to five people and add the picture. I hope these ladies haven't already received the reward, and if so, sorry!

1. Teena- she is one of the most encouraging blogs I read. I 'knew' of her from an Above Rubies egroup well before I began reading her blog. I always receive such encouragement from her blog. And I love to hear stories of her children.

2. Christine- though I've never met her in person I feel like I know her. She has offered such prayers and encouragement on my behalf and been a true Sister in Christ. I have gotten many great homeschooling ideas from her posts, as well as encouragement about motherhood and life in general.

3. Paige- we went through so much of the same stuff at the same time. Her words echo my thoughts and feelings. Though I wish she didn't have to go through the same dark valley that I did, I'm thankful to have somebody who understand firsthand, and was right there in that same valley.

4. Lindsey- I know she has already been nominated for this, but she is so real and down-to-earth. She offers such insight to things that I never even think of.

5. Amie- she is my sister-in-law. She has 4 boys (ages 7 and under) and a baby girl on the way. She is on bed rest. I cannot fathom how she does it with 4 boys. I have a hard time with 2! Not only does she have a great blog and not only is she a great mom, but she is a great friend. We never tire of things to talk about and I'm blessed to have her as a 'sister'!