Monday, April 18, 2011

God Strength

I'm still alive and kicking!  I've really been trying to have us tackle as much school as possible, but on the warm days that is really difficult to do- they're itching to get out and I'm itching for them to get out!!!  I just want us to be done so that I can move on to everything else I need to do!  Never a dull moment and it all certainly keeps me busy.  I'm not sure how sane I'll be when all is said and done though!

Last Monday night I managed to get out of the house with my friend, Sadie.  We had an eventful time eating at Panchero's- I swear there was a 'stalker' of somebody driving by continuously for over an hour while we sat there- slowly going by and looking into Fantastic Sams next door.  We eventually called the police because it was just creepy and something was really off about it.  I came home and my poor babysitter had puked all over my floor!  I felt so bad for her (how horrifying for her) and yet I could not get near it to clean it up as I myself was gagging over it!  Thankfully her mother came over and handled it.  Phew! 

We had our last co-op for the year on Friday.  The kids are really wanting to do it again next year.  I'm sure I will sign up again, it's just hard to know what will happen between now and the fall!  We've really been blessed by it though so I really can't see any reason to not sign up! 

Saturday the Mommies with Hope group got together and made up some meals for my freezer and then we went out to dinner (Chinese- yum)!  We have seriously just been so super blessed by people- I just cry in amazement and wonder over it all!  God is so good.  I was telling a friend earlier that it's really hard to get down (about a certain situation/thing) when on the other hand I have people, even complete strangers, blessing us left and right!  Truly amazing! 

Little Naomi is doing well.  Kicks up a storm and I'm starting to get a bit more uncomfortable =)  I am so eager to meet this precious little girl!  I wish time would hurry and get here (I know it will).  I just love 'interacting' with them when they kick and squirm!

I went to my first garage sale of the season last Friday evening.  I found two sleepers for Naomi and a pair of shorts for me.  I thought they were maternity but maybe not- I tried them on tonight and they're rather tight!  They'll be good for around the house after I have the baby I guess!  I'm chomping at the bit waiting to attack more sales and hoping to figure out what to do for child care while I go out on Friday mornings.  I have a list of what each child needs and hope to use that (and I also need some more maternity items).  I also went through my items in the basement last night to get rid of and have a tote to bring to the local consignment store.  I was hoping to attempt to do that tomorrow but it looks like it may be a nasty rainy day so we'll see.  I have a few items in there that could work for Easter outfits so I was hoping to hit up the store before then.

Wednesday Zach's brother and family will come into town and stay until Friday.  We're looking forward to seeing them.  The kids love playing with their cousins and Amie and I never tire of talking!  My aunt is thinking of coming Friday or sometime this weekend as she makes her way to Michigan, but it depends on the weather.  We had some GREAT weather days last week and then it just turned nasty!  At least we haven't had tornadoes like they have had down south and in North Carolina!  Just devastating.

Yesterday we visited our old church up in Story City.  I felt like I was at home!!!  It was so good to see our old 'family' again.  The kids even asked on the way home if we can go back, exclaiming how much they like it and how they have more friends there.  I wish it were just a little bit closer!

Thanks for your prayers for us!  God is good.  It is only through HIM that I am getting by each day!  Wednesday will be the 4 week mark.  Unreal!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Some days I feel like I'm barely hanging on.  Other days I feel like this is a breeze and we can do it!  Today I awoke feeling great, ready to tackle the day.  Fast forward like an hour later and I changed my mind!  It is just so much work sometimes!

The flu made it through rounds with all the kids (thankfully I never did get it) and it was so nice to return to a sense of normalcy (being able to run out when needed, getting school done, etc).  Last week we really tackled a lot of school.  I'm trying to double up a lot because quite frankly I just want to be done.  I know it's only the middle of April but I have a baby to get ready for (yay) and potty training to do and I'm sure a slew of other things. 

I did finish my spring cleaning last week though.  That felt great, although I paid for it big time, being so sore and having such swollen feet and ankles!  The past two days I've tried to take it easy and not do much but its hard when you're the only adult around.  Thankfully most of my children can fend for themselves, but they still need mom!  It also helps that the weather has warmed up a bit and I can shoo them outdoors (I just wish we had more for them to play with in the backyard). 

Saturday we went to Camp Dodge, the Guard base here by us, for an awesome thing they had for (deployed) families.  It was called Operation Afghanistan Experience (since most of the families here are deployed there).  They got real dog tags (with their name on them), a cool backpack filled with all sorts of goodies, made crafts, and so much more.  It was kind of set up like what their parents goes through before they deploy.  They had to in process (where they got their dog tags).  They also had fitness.  They got to try night vision goggles.  The went to a bazaar where they took their fake money and bartered for goodies to 'buy', which were toys they could pick out.  They got real MRE's to take home, which they delightfully ate for lunch yesterday.  They got to put on some gear, check out the inside of a tent, sit in some vehicles, go to the post office and so much more.  They had a great time.  I thought it was so neat, but my feet/ankles didn't.  There was nowhere to sit (besides the floor) the whole 2+ hours we were there so I was just beat!  I'm so glad we were able to participate in that.

On another note, Friday after co-op I checked my voicemail.  I had a message from somebody I didn't even know.  Apparently one of my friends who goes to MOPS put in a prayer request for me and the MOPS people want to get together to provide us meals weekly!!!  I don't even know these women!  Our homeschool group is also going to contribute.  What a HUGE blessing!  We'll have meals coming in on Mondays AND Thursdays.  Sometimes I think, "I really don't need all this help with meals" but when I have days like today I'm reminded that yes I do- those "little" things really REALLY help!!!  I just get in tears thinking about it- how blessed we are.  I certainly pray God blesses the people who are blessing us!!!

Friday I had an appointment with my perinatologist.  Let me just tell you how much I love her!  She is amazing!  She is always so excited about the pregnancy and exclaiming over it how glad she is at how far I've come, remembering my first appointment with her when I was getting tested to see why I was 'losing' my babies.  She just will sit and talk for a good amount of time, not rush you out of her office so she can see her next patient.  She also always makes me cry tears of joy over it!  She is just super!!!!  I also got another ultrasound- Miss Naomi is 2 lb. 5 oz at 27 weeks and 2 days!!!  Unbelievable.  It seems so weird that I'm already 'that' pregnant! 

Oh how I wish the fighting amongst my kids would end.  And the constant need for things!  "I'm hungry" "Can I drink this?" "She's calling me names" etc etc.  I'm at my wits end today!  And then we have the toddler who screams at the TOP of her, fun!  So, if you try to get a hold of me and can't reach me just check the local mental health ward.  I'm sure you'll find me there!  (Which reminds me that I really need to call my list of potential sitters and meet them so I have some available, and set up a time every week for me to GET OUT).