Saturday, May 31, 2008

Speaking Your Mind

It is really hard to find a balance between being walked all over and speaking up for yourself. My mom and Zach can vouch for me in that I tend to allow people to use me and walk all over me. It is hard for me to tell somebody when my feelings have been hurt or to stick up for myself in certain situations.

You all know how ready I am to leave Mississippi. I think if I had more close, solid friendships I'd feel differently. You know how something happens and you think, "Oh, I've got to call _____ and tell her all about this!" Well, I don't have that. I end up calling my mom ALL the time! Which is fine, but I really, really miss having that someone to hang out with, chat with and all.

Recently I have been speaking my mind. It started with the whole Subway Contest that didn't allow homeschoolers to participate and then I read an article in American Baby that I quickly responded to. Then I finally told a 'friend' how I'd felt about some actions she'd done concerning me. I felt terrible about it and quickly sent another email apologizing, letting her know how blessed I was in the beginning but how hurt I was that she'd done this. And it all concerns this blog and the reason I've gone private.

In ways I feel relieved that I spoke my mind. I also feel like, "Well, I'm leaving anyway so what's the big deal. If she'd really cared about me this and that wouldn't have happened..." But then I know there will be bitter feelings between us and I hate that. I don't like to walk away from a place with things in disarray! How do you find a balance in these things? There's also another 'friend' I'd like to let know how I feel, but...

I think this pregnancy has gotten me more bold in standing up for myself and speaking my mind. After all, if I weren't pregnant I wouldn't have flipped out at that guy who hit me!!! Or maybe I'm just finally learning to quit taking crap from people.

It is difficult to really figure out who will be a good friend at times, isn't it? I mean you hit it off great, all is going well and then stuff happens and things never really seem to repair themselves. I really pray that the Lord blesses me with wonderful Godly friends in Iowa. On another hand, I have been wondering if something is wrong with ME. Maybe I'm too weird or maybe there's something wrong with me that I'm not aware of that causes these things to happen. Maybe I'm just too stinkin' sensitive and need to let things slide more, but I really value friendships.

Any words of wisdom or advice would be appreciated!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dirt Cheap

Ever heard of that store? I hadn't until I got here. And to tell you the truth I never wanted to go there. I think the first time I walked in I walked right back out. They got one thing right- DIRT! But I've been there a few times, although I admit I haven't bought much! My friend had told me they had a great selection of Gap Maternity clothes for only $5! So I finally ventured there today. I found the cutest black dress pants, but get this? Those little things attached to clothes they have to remove, they didn't have the right tool to remove it so I couldn't get the pants! So that means all those cute pants sitting there can't get sold??? I was so ticked! I don't really have many dressy maternity clothes (or regular ones for that matter). I did manage to get 3 shirts, 2 sleeveless ones. It is stifling hot down here and I figured I could use some more! Of course once I get to Iowa I'll probably freeze and have to shop for warmer clothes!

On a funny note, Princess could not wait to get out of there! She was in the changing room with me saying how she wished she could sometimes work in stores to clean them! Guess she was noting the dirty floor. She was quite relieved when we left and eager for some hand sanitizer;) That's my girl...keep those germs away and keep clean!

A Prophet Lives Here

Last night as I was going through photos, papers and all that good stuff to pack up I came across the box of letters from courting days. Three to four months after we were engaged Zach headed off to boot camp. We wrote letters like crazy! It was so funny to read some of them! Boy, were we 'mushy' back then;) One thing that Zach wrote (it has to be the smallest writing I've ever read) was the 'Book of Paavolians' (based on the book of Ruth from the Bible), but placing me in Ruth's place! I didn't even attempt to read it as it was such tiny reading. But one thing he read to me was that we begat some children. One of whom was Malachi. Another was Princess and another the name we have for this baby. I guess he's a prophet. Or maybe we've just liked those names all along;)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

End of Year Skating Party

Clam Catcher

I forgot to post these pictures the other day from the beach. The kiddos caught a clam and tried so hard to pry open the shell! As you can see Cuddly Boy, aka Booty Shaker, was busy at work!

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For the record they did manage to get it open.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Want a Makeover!

I have been trying, it seems, for ages to win a blog makeover. I've really just wanted it to be my own personal look but I'm clueless on how to do it! So I'm entering another contest! You can enter for a chance to win by going to Chelsey's blog and entering!

I can't sit still

If you've moved you probably know what I mean. It's like you feel there's so much to do, yet you can't really be productive at this point, but you still can't sit still. I've really been trying to keep myself busy. Yesterday we went to Park Day (at McD's because of the heat). It was so nice to fellowship with the ladies and get out! I figure it's probably one of the last times I'll be able to go!

I was able to clean up a bunch of papers that were stacked on my desk for at least a week. It was a mess and now I can see the bottom of it! Then Zach had a church softball game so I decided we'd go to that too. Better than sitting around trying to think of what I can do! The house needs to be dusted but why bother? I think we'll be living rather nastily (as nasty as I can handle being) for these next two weeks!

I had our pre-inspection for our house yesterday and they seem pretty lenient. If you've lived in military housing you know how picky they can be. In the past we've hired cleaners but figured this time we can do it ourselves. Won't be bad at all...just as long as the kiddos stay out of our hair so we can actually work:0 Will be interesting to have them underfoot for everything! I need to try to think of ways to keep them occupied while we're getting packed up and all!

Little Man will be done with math today. Hopefully Princess will finish hers this week. She'll finish her spelling tomorrow. It will be nice to be done with school, but then I'll probably really be itching for things to do around here. But I figure there are people I'd like to see before I go so I can keep busy doing that!

The packers come in 2 weeks! How can it seem so close yet so far away!?!? I know it will be here before we know it. Today I'm hoping to finish going through papers we need to take with us and get them all packed up together. And also to get all the photos together to take.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Backwoods of Mississippi

Please note that it is NOT my intention to OFFEND anybody. This is all written in good, clean fun. There are also goofy, off-the-wall sites where I'm from, so please don't take offense!

One day we were taking a drive. Zach was trying to find a co-workers house. We were in our 'town' which is the 'sticks' if you ask me! We called OnStar to get directions to this house and the closest they could get was to a 'Bilbo Rd' 11 miles out. We figured that wasn't right but we headed that way anyway. I had my camera with me because we also planned to head to the park and I wanted to get some pictures of the kiddos. On our way to Bilbo Rd. we saw this sign:

When I first read it I begin to crack up. My initial thought was "WHAT on EARTH is a BOAR-GOAT???" It wasn't until we passed it that I realized they must have meant boar & goat...I think. We had a good laugh on that one (and maybe its just us, it may not be funny to you;)).

Once on Bilbo Rd. we saw nothing. Finally we saw a few houses scattered. We realized this was not the right way but drove a bit further and saw this:

Not something I expected to see, but rather neat.

As we drove back to civilization we saw this 'house' that Zach wanted me to get a picture of... What I didn't get was the other half of the house!

Then we saw this sign:

It says Lake O Pines/Spring Lake. I didn't know there was a lake way out here so wanted to see what it consisted of. Growing up near Lake Superior there isn't much that is 'lake' quality down in the south. It's more like a pond! By this point we were pretty goofy (and bored) and wondering what other 'weird' things we could snap pictures of. No sooner we came upon the lake:

That is what Mississippians consider a lake folks! Sad! What would they do if they ventured to our beautiful Great Lakes? Actually this really isn't the lake...but the 'lake' looked like a boggy pond.

When driving to the beach we passed a man riding his bicycle on the big bridge to get to the island. On the back of his bike he had a real DOG (and it looked like a makeshift seat for the dog). I don't know how this poor pup stayed on the bike! What a site!

We also saw this truck in Mississippi that had writing all over it. Not on the windows, but on the body of the whole truck. Writing in marker! Something about taking one drug will make you a drug addict and I didn't catch the rest. The entire truck was covered with writing. It was bizarre!

Here are some pictures from the park from that day:

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Highlights

It was a busy weekend in our household! Saturday I was up bright and early to set things outside. I certainly didn't get as much traffic as I'd get in our old house, but I still made a decent amount of money. I'm going to need to have it again this coming weekend too as I still have a lot of things left- and not everything is something I just want to donate to the thrift store. My neighbors are having one too, so at least this time I won't be out alone;) Although Princess was up bright and early to keep me company and I did have a couple of friends stop by to say hi! To me there is something about having a garage sale and needing doughnuts. I never did get them, but once I'd relaxed and cleaned up we headed out and got some. That seemed to be our dinner! Real healthy, I know. Then we went by the cemetery but only got to stay for a few minutes. For some odd reason there was a sign that said "Caution, Headstone Reconstruction" and there was DIRT by all the graves in that more grass. I have no idea what that was all about but we were a bit disturbed that it was that way on Memorial Day weekend. Being a National Cemetery, there was a flag at every grave and all throughout the cemetery. It was beautiful (besides the dirt part).

Sunday we decided to skip church and do it at home. I was so tired from being up early the day before (and going to bed late). We all had a great time praising God together and learning of Achan's sin. Later in the day we went next door to a barbecue they were having. We only stayed for awhile because Jodie & Brian came to visit! It was great to see them and we wish they could have stayed longer! Plus right before they got here they found out there was a tornado warning at their house where their children were staying with Grandma!!! SCARY!!! So glad everyone and everything (at least at their house) was ok!!

You all know I've been dying to go to the beach before we left. Today, despite it being cloudy and looking like it could rain, we headed to the beach. Once we got there it wasn't as overcast and it was actually nice. The water wasn't too warm yet, but it wasn't cold either. The beach was packed but we still had a great time.

I kept wondering why we didn't do beach trips more often until we got home and had to deal with the sand- all over the car, the kids, us, etc. Then I was thankful we didn't do that more often;) I don't know if it was the car ride, walking in the sand, sitting on the beach, or holding 'it' for so long but I have had crazy pain and pressure since! I was in tears as I vacuumed out the car a bit (just to get it out of the kid's seats). I feel like I can barely walk and get up from a sitting position!!! Crazy since I've never had this before!

On the drive home Little Man entertained us with a story of when he gets married. Apparently he's going to get a piece of cake and rip a piece of toilet paper in half and eat them? For his wife? Romantic?

We had a busy but fun weekend. Now we need to finish up math and spelling so we can be done with school this week. Although I realize Princess will need to continue to practice at math, she just does NOT remember simple addition and subtraction at times! It will be another busy week as we try to make it to Park Day, have a housing inspection, try to 'interview' doctor's offices over the phone, try to prepare what I can for the move, etc.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Zach came home early yesterday with 9 roses! Of course then he took the boys out to see the new Indiana Jones movie (which he wasn't at all impressed with). But then he took me (and the kiddos of course) to a delicious dinner at Outback! Yum, yum, yum! That place is quite expensive so we rarely go there and its a huge treat when we do! Thanks hon! Princess stayed home with me while they went to the movies because she wanted us to read our books together;) We worked in the garage for awhile and then we relaxed and read.

I haven't even had my sale yet but we've already made $55! That's almost as much as I made in my whole garage sale last summer! Is it selfish to pray the Lord blesses this sale? I hope we get many people...our neighbor had one last weekend and only had about 10 people show up.

I really want to use the money we make for things for our new home. Curtains, maybe some new decor in the bathrooms, things like that.

I decided that next Friday is our last day of school, if not before. I want a break! We will be done with everything but Little Man's phonics. I'll probably try to finish that up sometime in July or something.

I really should rename Cuddly Boy to 'Booty Shaker'. He started shaking his booty at us out of defiance but its turned into a joke and its so funny. He will just come up out of the blue, turn around and shake his booty! He sure cracks me up!

Get this...we were told when we buried Malachi here that they were able to transport him for free when we move to another national cemetery. When Zach called today to ask about it they said they don't do that. The only way we had him buried HERE was because we were told we could 'move' him. We have no reason at all to come back to Mississippi and I don't want to be buried here! I would have had him buried at home if I'd known they were going to turn around and say they can't move him. I'm going to get my information from the cemetery and look into it more. It is frustrating! As if we have time to deal with this with everything else right now.

It must be that time of month for my kiddos or something. It seems they are constantly getting on one another's nerves, and especially mine. It's like constant fighting and bickering. I guess they probably realize that Mom is preoccupied with the whole move right now and its taking its toll on them. But I am ready to SCREAM with frustration at them!

On to the pregnancy...boy is my back hurting today! It wasn't when I woke up so I'm not sure what I did! It sure is painful! And I don't remember having so much pressure in a pregnancy. Every time I stand up I feel like there's so much pressure I wonder if the baby will come out! I guess with more pregnancies its to be expected, but it sure is uncomfortable!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


We found a room! A king suite! It will be nice to have more room that just a standard size hotel room, especially since we'll be in it for about 13 days! I guess instead of searching online I had to call the actual places!

Zach also booked us a room here on base, so our lodging is taken care of!

I made an appointment for our housing pre-inspection. Hopefully not too much will be required of us besides the basic cleaning.

It is unreal to me how fast time is going. I can't wait until my garage sale is over so I can focus on doing what I need to do in the house!

3 x 3 = ?

Today is our anniversary. It has been 9 years!!! I can't believe it has been that long! In ways it seems like just yesterday that I graduated from college and then married Zach 2 weeks later. I don't feel old enough to be married for 9 years! But here we are. We have rode quite a ride together and made it through our own tragedies. From moving where the Air Force sends us and dealing with military life (which hasn't always been pleasant), to losing two babies life has kept us on our toes! I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with a Godly husband. I'm thankful that Zach desires me to stay home and school our children. I'm thankful that we agree upon allowing God to control our family size. I'm thankful that he plays with the children, changes diapers and bathes them. I'm thankful that he allows me 'my' time, whether its to spend in a book, on the computer or at a Mom's Night Out. I'm thankful that he takes his family to church and is striving to raise our children in the Lord. I love you Zach and I can't wait to see what the next 9 years hold for us!

**I was going to post pictures of us through the years but want to find some more (like our engagement picture). So hopefully I'll get to this later!


Pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. I haven't been to a news site in awhile but for some reason decided to check it out this morning (honestly I wanted to see what they said about David Cook winning American Idol). Then I saw the headline and read this story. Pray for the Chapman's. How very, very sad.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forgot to mention...

They've already got the drywall up on our house! They're cruising! I can't wait to see it all completed!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


How can it be that every hotel in Ames and Ankeny are booked for when we need them? Is it because we need it for such a long period of time? The realtor called tonight and said we have a tentative close date of July 3. After looking at a calendar I emailed and asked if we could change it to the 2nd. That way we can hopefully have our stuff delivered on the 3rd, before the long holiday weekend. I hope it works out that way...and I certainly hope we can find a place to stay! I was at first wanting something with a suite/kitchenette but now I just want a room!

Lots of different schtuff

First, I had my doctor appointment yesterday. Sat in the waiting room (with all 3 kiddos) for at least a half an hour. And you know you only see the doctor for like 5 minutes, if even! The doctor's aren't even the ones to listen to the heartbeat anymore!?!? And I think I'm a bit sad because I didn't get to see my 'normal' doc. I sure will miss him! Anyway when I asked about my ultrasound she mentioned something abut the radiologist noting something about blood and possibly leading to an abruption. Then she said both she and some fetal specialist looked at the picture but didn't see anything so she doesn't think its anything to worry about. Well lady, you must not know my history with my past pregnancies! Not like I really worried, I really believe all will be fine with my baby, but I did have an abruption with Malachi. So, in the back of my mind I began to wonder... When I told Zach about it he was quite miffed and wondered why they didn't do another ultrasound to be sure. As soon as I got home (hours later) I called our dear doctor friend from church and he reassured me that all was fine. He didn't see the ultrasound but he said its common to have a spot of blood behind the placenta and that if I were going to have an abruption I would have had it then. Thanks Dr. Sams! It was comforting to talk to him, somebody I know and can trust. I certainly hope the doctor I find in Iowa will be as good as Dr. Sams and Dr. Allen.

Yesterday I also brought in the Suburban to get fixed. Did I mention before that it will cost about $5,000 and take about 2 weeks? So they got us in a rental car...a Mitsubishi Galant. Kinda fun to drive. Good thing we only have 3 kiddos so far so we can all fit in it!

I think I pretty much went through every square inch of the house to get rid of things. I wanted to post an ad in the newspaper for the garage sale but it will cost anywhere from $20-30!!! Is that CRAZY or what??? I really just want to get a lot of traffic- I'd like to get rid of stuff AND make some money! So I guess I'll have to post signs in many different places or something...

We only have 3 history lessons left! We should finish math and Princess' spelling next week! I think whatever I don't finish with Little Man's phonics I'll just pick up on in August before he begins 1st grade. I just want school to be over already! Especially when we have so many other things going on right now!

Oh, I decided to read the book about adoption. It is really good so far. Hopefully I can finish it before my friend Jamie comes to visit so that I can give it to her (she adopted from Russia like this family did).

I know there was more I was going to type but I forgot what! My friend came over with her almost 2 month old daughter! It was so nice to see her- I hadn't seen her since she had the baby! The kiddos sure loved seeing the baby and Cuddly Boy wanted to rock her in her seat and hold her! It was so precious! I can't wait to see how they'll be with their new sister!

Monday, May 19, 2008

It Can't Be!

Wow, 3 weeks from Wednesday our movers come! I cannot believe it at all, only 3 weeks! It is exciting, yet scary! I feel like I have so much to do before then. Like have my garage sale, finish our school up, try to see some people one last time, see the doctor one last time, etc. To do that in 3 weeks (well actually I can see people after we're packed up)!?!? We still haven't made it to the beach...I really hope we will before we leave. Maybe Monday since Zach will be off? I have yet to find lodging up there, and we still don't have anything down here because TMO (military people who help you move) hasn't given us that information yet! Hopefully we won't be living out of our vehicles between the time we're packed up and the time we can leave Mississippi. It is really getting so close...I really hope our house will be done not too long after we get there so we're not forever living out of a suitcase! But even if we live in a hotel for awhile big deal- we'll be out of here. As much as there are some people I will miss, each day that passes I find myself more and more glad to be getting away from the people here. I really feel like I've been 'burned' by so called 'friends' and I just want to move on, if that makes sense. And now that I'm 'private' I no longer have to be afraid to 'offend' people!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Probably the strangest book I ever read...

Was House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. It held my attention and it was good but I kept wondering what was really going on! Zach said all of their books are like that. It was pretty wild and crazy. I'm hoping to have read 20 books by the time we leave this place...I just finished #18! I've got so many sitting on the bookshelf waiting to be read and now its a matter of choosing which one to go with. Which do I choose first: Girl With A Pearl Earring, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, or Two Little Girls (A Memoir of Adoption)?

I hope this works...

Ok, I set my blog to private and I hope it works. I know it says you need a google account. I hope that doesn't turn anybody off! I had 75 requests! Well, 76 but I don't know one person so I need to email her. For all I know it could be somebody I know just wanting to snoop. I doubt it but I'm not taking any chances. I really hope that I won't lose any readers by going this route and I hope it keeps peace in my life. I know it will prevent nosy people from reading and stirring up trouble in my life. Maybe someday I will post more on that...but for now I just want to see if this works.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bears in Beds, Oh My!

One day while stripping the bed so I could wash the sheets I discovered this in my bed: At a closer glance I found somebody had made himself quite at home:
And he appeared to be quite content sleeping in that big king size bed all alone. Poor guy was probably squished throughout the night and was enjoying some space- lots of space.
Speaking of beds, this same bed has needed the bedding washed 2 days in a row thanks to a nameless little culprit who's been peeing out of his diaper. What will I do????

Speaking of bears, last night I had a dream that my Aunt Cindy was camping and we went to visit her. It was dusk and somebody spotted a black spot down a trail. A cub. All of a sudden many bears appeared- most ran in different directions but one came charging at us. The kids and I jumped into a car and the bear was trying to get in, but Cindy was somehow holding him back (the door wasn't shut all the way). For some reason it didn't really harm her, but then she ran to the other side of the car to get in. Then later on another bear had come to attack us in a different car. Strange, strange dreams...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

D & A

The boys were playing with Magnetix on the floor and I said to Little Man, "LM, what are you making, DNA?" He kinda looked at me confused (what 6 year old has heard of DNA?) and continued to build. A minute later he says, "Look Mom, I made D and A." And in the midst of the Magnetix creation were the letters D & A! It was so funny!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I missed American Idol last night because the homeschool group had a going away dinner for me, but I made sure to watch it tonight. I'd much rather have spent the night with those wonderful ladies than in front of the TV anyway! I also tried to watch some youtube vid's of last nights show but didn't get to see too many with a busy day. I have to say that I'm so excited it is David against David!!! I 'Woohoo'ed' and the fam was probably wondering what mom was so excited about as they were busily putting together Lego's upstairs. My cousin thinks David Cook is going to win but it is quite a toss up as both are so talented...and so loved. I'm just excited its come down to that. So, next Tuesday and Wednesday night you can bet I won't answer the phone if it rings- I'll be glued to my television! It's a rarity for me to watch TV so once this show is over life will resume to 'normal'!!!

Do You Ever...

  • Wonder who that person is on the other end of the phone? The insurance agent, the technical support guy, who are they? They sound nice, but maybe they're really some guy with a huge beer gut smoking his pipe! Or an ex-con!

  • Feel like you are still a kid? As I'm dealing with this insurance stuff with the accident I keep thinking how its adult am I capable of dealing with it? I'm just a kid! Oh wait, not anymore...

  • Question how a 6 year old boy can make more of a mess with food than his 3 year old brother? I swear my 6 year old needs a bib and needs us to spoon feed him!

  • Wonder how many people actually read your blog? I have had so many requests from people I never knew read my blog! It is amazing! I feel so loved;)

  • Dream such strange things you have no idea where that came from?

  • Wonder how many people you really know? Like how many people have you actually met in your lifetime? I bet we'd be astonished!

  • Wish you lived in a different time period? At times I wish that I grew up in colonial days. I sure love my appliances and electricity, but what would it really be like to live back then?

  • Wonder why our gas prices have to be so stinkin' high and why we don't utilize our own resources that we have in the U.S.?

  • Wonder how people could have such evil in their hearts? I can't even imagine how people can kill their children or molest them. I can't fathom how people who know they have AIDS will purposely sleep with another to spread the disease. This is something I read about in my latest book (on my reading list) and it just baffles me.

  • Wonder why its called a hot dog? Wonder why its called pumpernickel? What does M&M stand for?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's the Final Countdown!

5 weeks! That's all the time we have left here. I debate with myself whether to bother having a garage sale. Our new house doesn't have nearly as much storage as our current house. Nor is it as big. I don't want everything to be stored in the basement! So I'm debating whether to really go through the house and get rid of things I just don't need. It all sounds good, but its a matter of finding time to do it! With trying to finish up school and all the other normal daily things the last thing I feel like doing is sorting through everything!

I cannot wait to get out of here. Sure, I will miss my wonderful homeschool support groups. They were the ones who saw me get started in this endeavor, the ones who cheered me on. Tonight one of the groups is having my good-bye dinner. They do this for every woman that leaves and its such a special time. It really seems unreal that I'm leaving these wonderful groups- I wish I could take them with me! But I know God has new friends and groups in store for us.

I still want to go to Mobile and the beach one last time. I always tease Zach that I want to stay at the Beau Rivage before we go. I'm not one to gamble and I really don't like the thought of giving my money to a casino. This place is beautiful though, and a night away from our children sounds heavenly- not to gamble but to enjoy a beautiful room with a beautiful view. Don't worry- it won't happen as we don't have the money or sitter to make it happen! And I'm sure there are other beautiful places that aren't casinos that we'll one day be able to stay at, hopefully alone!

Time is running short. Hard to believe. I keep thinking I need to bake and use up a lot of my baking goods. I need to cook with some of the foods I have in there so I don't have to haul it all. I need to light candles more so I won't have to transport them. On top of that, I need to get our Suburban fixed ($5,000 worth of damage). Oh, and I still have to find a doctor or midwife! So as you can see life is busy (as I sit here at the computer). Plus I have friends I'd like to get together with before I leave, playdates I'd love to have, etc. But the final countdown is nice. The end is in sight. Corn fields and tornadoes here we come!!! I will be able to eat the foods I've been craving since we left there!!! We will have our brand new house to make a home! I cannot wait.

Monday, May 12, 2008

And baby makes 20!

I'm sure none of you are strangers to the Duggar family. I am always so encouraged when I read or see them on TV. Here I think the days can be tough with 3 children, and they manage and look so radiant. It really is amazing and I think they can be such a testimony to the world- to show what a blessing children really can be! I watched the video from the Today Show and was blessed. Amazing that they're having another baby! Where I'm originally from there are many families that have 12+ children. Growing up I thought it was the strangest thing, but now I see how blessed they are! I'd rather have my home full of children than gold and riches!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Party Time!

Only two boys showed up, but that didn't stop Little Man from having a good time! He really enjoyed his party and had fun with his friends.

Happy Mama's Day!

I am so thankful for my wonderful Mother. Not only did she raise me in church, but she was a single mother who loved and gave to me unconditionally. I am eternally grateful for my mother. She stood up to give me life and the Lord used her to guide me to obtain eternal life! What more could I ask for? As we drove home from church I reminiscenced how my family would get together on Mother's Day and take my Grandma K. out to Freda Restaurant. It was such a special treat and almost a tradition. When I talked to my mom this afternoon I cried as I recalled this memory to her, missing her and my Grandma, my aunts and other family and this tradition that we had. When I hung up I cried like a baby missing my Mom (good ol' pregnancy hormones)! I'm just so thankful for her!

My mom, Grandma K. and I last October

I'm also thankful to the women in my life who have shown me what it is to be a Christian mother, as I strive to homeschool and bring my children up in the Lord. Some of you I've known for years, some I've never met in real life, but for you all I am thankful.
My Stepmom Pat & I
I hope you all have a blessed Mother's day!


I'm making my blog private. I've considered this for some time and I think its finally time I make my move. The reason I haven't a long time ago was I still want my family to be able to access it without making it difficult for them, especially those who aren't as computer literate;) Just kidding guys! What irritates me is people who KNOW me and live around me reading my blog just to be nosy...and then to not even tell me they read it. I feel like its a violation of some sorts! So, IF you still want to read my blog (I hope most of you will still read, I love my readers) please email me your email address at so that I can add you to the list! Thanks!!!

I'll add pictures soon of Little Man's birthday party...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

All ready to graduateCuddly Boy wanted a picture too!
And Princess, looking beautiful as always
The Graduate (he certainly has his hat low on his head)

A bit excited to graduate! I love the look on A's face;)

The Processional to 'Jesus Loves Me'
Cuddly Boy got an award for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance...none too thrilled it seems;)
Princess received an award for making it through 2nd grade!
Little Man received an award for excelling in mathHere are the kindergarten graduates- class of 2020!He was pretty excited to graduate!
It was an awesome ceremony with illusions, songs and so much more. It was the biggest graduating class of our homeschool group, with 7 seniors! It even made the local paper on Friday and Saturday!

Friday, May 09, 2008


So I accidentally slipped on the phone with my mom yesterday, saying something about "She's been kicking a lot". SO sorry mom, it was totally an accident. And there's always a chance its still a boy. It's a good thing if its a girl because we can't come up with a boys name at all, but we've had the girls name since day 1! Now I have to really begin searching in Iowa for a good doctor or midwife, time is ticking away!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Birthday Pics


I've been keeping secrets! I think I mentioned how Zach wanted to find out the sex of the baby, but that I didn't want to know. Well, I'd come up with this great idea. The other night I bought some baby clothes- some pink and some blue. I have been busy writing poems, a boy one and a girl one. All unbeknownst to Zach.

For some weird reason they don't allow your spouse in for most of the ultrasound. So I thought I'd go in and tell them my plan. I figured I'd find out the sex and ask them to tell him that we weren't able to tell, or whatever they were comfortable saying. I figured I'd get an ultrasound picture of the 'parts', put it in the card with the poem and deliver the bag with either pink or blue to him at work after I'd picked up the kiddos. Well, they don't give you pictures of the 'parts'. Weird, huh?

That ultrasound took forever!!! I am so thankful to Lynn for watching my kiddos at McD's (you truly were a life saver). I felt horrible that it took so long and that she was stuck with them, but she is so gracious!

Anyway, (I make stories so long) the baby didn't exactly cooperate. There is a 75-80% chance that it is a certain sex but the baby was holding his/her legs so close together it was difficult to tell. BUT that's a pretty great chance at the same time, so I thought I'd still go ahead with my plan. Zach was a bit disappointed that it didn't work out how he wanted. And I was disappointed because he took the rest of the day off so I couldn't surprise him at work!!!

I brought the gift home and gave it to him. I think he may have been a bit confused when he first read what I wrote in the card. Then he began to overlook the poem I'd written, but I made sure he continued reading! Then I think it finally dawned on him what was going on, especially when he looked in the bag to see the appropriate colored clothes. We're so excited and still in shock about it!!! Wanna know what it is??? Too bad, I can't spill the beans at this can thank my Mom for that:) But I'm sure some of you will find out here and there.

I'll leave you with the poems I wrote. The order I put them on does not mean anything, it was a matter that I wrote the boy one first.

Mud and dirt
Trucks and cars
Broken bones and memorable scars

Cowboys and Indians
Cops and robbers
Fishing trips with worms and bobbers

Little boys who play so rough,
Wrestle, climb and act so tough.

The Lord has added one more to our clan,
From a little babe to a growing man.

We’ll watch him grow so quickly while we strive to raise him in the Lord,
Thankful for the baby boy who will by our family will be adored.


Dresses and tights,
Ribbons & bows
Barbie & Princess shows.

Ballet, piano,
Tea parties & dolls
Trips with Mom to shopping malls.

A baby girl so sweet and small,
Our little princess, our baby doll.

The Lord has blessed with another daughter,
Who’s been lovingly created by the Master Potter.

We’ll bring her up in the ways of the Lord,
While we strive to give unconditional love, outpoured.

We’re thankful for the new life given,
A treasure that’s come straight from heaven.

If you had to guess, what would you say? Boy or girl?

**Update- I should make it clear that we'd be excited whether girl or boy! We're just so blessed and excited to be having another baby! Also, I go to the doctor's at a military base...need I say more? And the position of the baby wasn't ideal for either boy or girl.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Little Man!!!

My Little Man is 6 today. How is it that 6 years have gone by? I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Lying on the couch in the wee morning hours having contractions while Princess slept upstairs. Finally calling Zach at work to come home. Calling my best friend to come stay with Princess.

I arrived at the hospital and wouldn't you know it my doctor was out of town. Then the doctor I wanted to deliver was doing an emergency C-section on my I got the 'bad' doc. Zach nicknamed him "Dr. Fishpants" because of his name. He also refers to him as Jack the Ripper as he came in and mercilessly started cutting me up with blood splattering everywhere. He yanked Little Man out without much care and threw him onto me! I was so mad! This doctor was terrible! But, I was delighted to hold my new son- my first baby boy! Zach left the room with baby and I called to tell Princess she had a brother, exclaiming, "His name is "J"". Then I realized I forgot to confer with Zach as to if we were really naming him that, but he was in the other room telling the nurses the same thing!

Here's my newborn boy:1st Birthday:

2 years old! My 3 year old Little Man:A big 4 year old:

Hooray, he's 5!
A week before turning 6!

Little Man has grown so much over the years! Six things about my wonderful son are that he's diligent in his work (he will sit for hours building a puzzle), he has a tender heart and doesn't want to see anybody hurt, he isn't afraid to sing to Jesus, he listens attentively to the Bible and is able to answer questions I ask, he's great in math, and most importantly he loves the Lord!

Happy Birthday Little Man!!! We LOVE you!