Friday, November 27, 2009

Last night Abby was so hyper and being so silly! I caught it on camera. The video ends with a big ol' belch from Zach.



Tonight we were talking about how the guy that does ROTC at MTU will be cross-training come May. Pretty much Zach was saying that he could try to transfer there if I wanted to live by home for awhile. I was like, "No, I don't think so." I guess after living away from home for 10 years I don't really want to move back. They have like no summer, the winters are long and dreary, there's NOTHING there, wood ticks. BUT, FAMILY IS there. Which is good and bad! Anyway, I really don't want to move back home. I said to Hannah, "Would you like to move by Nanny and Papa" and right away Abby says, "Myeah!" It was SOOO funny and so clearly yeah! Not like the 15 month old knows what she's talking about but it was so stinkin' cute!

Then we got home and Abby walks straight to the steps. I walked to her and said, "Let's take off your jacket" and she started saying, "Ba ba" for bath. I hadn't planned on bathing her, but I couldn't resist her big blue eyes looking up at me as she asked for a bath!

*Note that I used their regular names again. I thought maybe I'd eventually go back to making my blog public but I don't see that happening at all, so I may as well use their regular names!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We are truly very blessed, are we not? I know I have it so good. Good health, family and a loving and forgiving savior! Today we had a great Thanksgiving at home. Woke up and turned on the parade. The kids were kinda complaining about it at first, but then they enjoyed seeing it. I made turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (Chatterbox actually did this), sweet potato bake, rolls, ham, gravy and stuffing. I had forgotten about the stuffing until we sat down to eat! Thankfully I had a box of Stove Top in the cupboard! For desserts I made brownies, Pumpkin Pies and Blueberry Cobbler (in the microwave). The Packers won so I know Zach is happy! After dinner I played a little Mario with the kids and then napped. I keep trying to read my book but it's near impossible- I either get drawn to the TV or get sleepy! It has been a wonderful, relaxing day! The kids were really excited about it being Thanksgiving. Booty Shaker kept asking if it was 'Valentines' and Junior Squirrel kept asking about the 'chicken'! Silly boys! Tomorrow we're going to put up our tree. A bit early for me, I usually like to wait until next weekend, but I've had to compromise. Everybody else wanted it up at like Halloween- way too early! I hope you're all enjoying family and food this Thanksgiving! Remember to count your blessings and to thank the One who's given them to you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

go figure...

Just in time for the holidays and right after I finally went to the doctor my monthly 'friend' decides to show up! I'm just glad I know and that I finally got it. It is just so weird for me to be late as normally my body is right on. I sure hope I won't have too bad of cramps tomorrow as I prepare our Thanksgiving meal!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is it about Holidays?

I swear I had a similar post to this last year. Last year we decided at the last minute to go home for Thanksgiving. Zach's been 'bugging' me for quite some time this year to go home but I just had no desire to. I thought maybe we'd have some friends over to help make the holiday not so 'lonely'. Also, I was pretty much told not to come home!!!! The more I think about it the more I feel like we're not even wanted there during the holidays! Isn't that sad!?!? Isn't your family supposed to get together at the holidays, if they can? In all defense, I know there's some things going on right now that make it now quite 'ideal' for 'company' but STILL- we're FAMILY. That's what makes them so special! Now, we're only 10 hours from home as opposed to when we were in MS. That's a breeze! We could totally swing it if we really wanted to and were wanted. Of course this time of year isn't always ideal because you never know when the snow will come, especially up in the U.P. I hate having to travel in winter. Maybe I'm just super sensitive right now or something as I ponder it. I just thought that living nearer to family we'd spend more time on holidays with them. I guess I thought wrong. I guess it doesn't matter if we're 10 hours away or across the world, really. Jamie W, I think I've been reading too many of your posts...I'm just ready to complain and not in the least caring who reads it! So later today I'll go out and buy my food for our Thanksgiving feast here at home. Of course we'll really enjoy it, being together. And it's supposed to snow so the kids are thrilled!

Monday, November 23, 2009

new friend

Jenn, whom many of you have been praying for, has started a blog. She's on my friend's list if you're interested. Just wanted to let y'all know!

dreamin' big

Yesterday we went to some Real Estate Open Houses near us. Remember I mentioned awhile ago about the one we went to? It's in this new neighborhood near us. We pass it all the time. We saw 5 different houses. At least two of them were about $800K! Oh, they were beautiful!

This is one we looked at. The pictures don't do it justice. I think there's 5 fireplaces, 11 TV's. It would be a blast to play hide and seek in that house! Wow!

This one is the current Visitor Center. It's amazing. There's like a hidden pantry, a movie theater. Absolutely beautiful!

This here I think the kid's liked the best. Five bedrooms upstairs, at least one in the basement, a playroom in the basement, a 'wet bar', a movie theater. Although the ones I listed above have lots of these amenities too.

Then we looked at 2 smaller, 'more affordable' ones that were still out of our league. It was so fun. The realtor that was at the one that I have linked first was so nice. She's the one that took us to see the last link as it wasn't on open house that day. Apparently people go to these Open Houses often, even without being in the market for a new home. I can't wait to go back and see more! It sure stunk coming home to our little place! I told Zach it'd be fun even to stay in one of those huge ones for like a night, to 'live like a King' for just a tiny bit of time. It's fun to dream! I am sure our mansions in heaven will be amazing!

my bod

First, sorry Sara but I won't be able to do anything about those checkers. This background was premade so I have no clue how to get rid of them!! Wish I were more computer literate to be able to do more.

Second, I have no idea what's going on with my body. I was supposed to get my period a week ago. No period. Took a test. Negative. Took one a couple days later. Negative. Still no period. Took one yesterday morning. Negative. What the heck!?! Like I told Zach, I honestly don't care one way or the other about being pregnant (I'd be content either way), but it sure would be nice to know what is going on. Today I have felt like garbage all day. Nauseous and yet crampy. Maybe it's just late? I am still nursing, but I got my first period 3 months ago and it's always been regular. It's like clockwork with me. AND I've never before gotten pregnant while still nursing, this would be a first Then I can't help but 'freak out' a bit in my head about it. With losing two babies and kidney stones in the last pregnancy all sorts of thoughts have already gone through my head. I just would like to know one way or the other. I suppose I should just go to the doctor and ask for a blood test and go from there. But, for all the M family out there, don't get confused and say I'm pregnant like happened once before! LOL Just a whacked out body I guess!

bloggity blog

Let me know what you think of my new look. I did it myself. There's so many cute things out there!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

pretty much back:)

Thanks to Jen at Blue Yonder Design! I sent her a message via facebook and like right away she got to work fixing my blog! I had read online that it was a template issue and had no idea what to do! Before I read about it online I just thought my blog was hijacked into! If you ever want help with a blog template she's the way to go!!! Thanks Jen!


Something was up with my blog background and now I just can't get it right!!! I hope this doesn't take too long to fix! Annoying!!! I hate computer issues because I'm really not that computer savvy!

where have i been?

I was hoping I'd have time to get on and blog today. I have no idea what I've been up to but boy have I been busy (does that even make sense). Yesterday I ran to visit with Jenn. It was weird- I'd seen her every day when she was in the hospital but hadn't since and I really missed her! Zach and I decided at the last minute to go on a date, so got a babysitter. We talked about going to see New Moon but Sweet Pea was so cranky that we just took her along. There was no way I was going to attempt to see that in a theater with her! So we tried this new burger joint and went to Best Buy and Target. I was hoping to get some Christmas shopping done at Target for the girls, but was unsuccessful. We had such a good date though and when we got home we put the kids to bed and played Wii for awhile (the new Mario Bros for Wii is a blast). Then we were up until who knows when just talking and talking. It was nice, but boy am I exhausted today! I have no idea how we made it to the 9 am church service this morning!

Friday night I went to a Pampered Chef party. She made Mexican Lasagna in the microwave! AND Cobbler in the microwave! The cobbler was only 3 ingredients and was delicious- I'm going to make it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Zach keeps talking about how he wants to go home but I'm like "No way." It's just such a long drive for such a short time. I wish we knew of people we could invite over (we did invite Jenn but I'm not sure what she's up to yet). We love having people over for the holidays! I can't wait to have a wonderful turkey dinner! Yum!

Another Bust Buy

It was another bust at Best Buy. I know I complained about them in the past. Last night Zach & I went there after dinner (we were on a date). I wanted to look at printers and just yesterday I saw something on TV where if you bring in your old printer you get $50 off a new one. So, I was eyeing this one printer and finally somebody came over to help me out. The one I was originally looking at was a hp and $149. I wanted to know if I could get the rebate with it. Nope, only a select few, but they did have another type, an officejet, for $149. I thought "Great! If I bring in my old printer this one will only be $100 and it's a hp." I've heard great things about hp printers and the one we had was wonderful. The Lexmark piece of garbage we have is just that- a piece of garbage.

Fast forward to today. I have Zach unplug the old laptop and I'm excited to go get my printer. When I go in the officejet is now $209!!! It's impossible to find help in there when you need it and I was in a hurry, but I finally managed to find somebody. I asked if I could get the price it was last night, saying I was in and the guy never told me the price would jump up like that! If I would've known that I would've been back in last night to get it! I was pretty ticked. Anyway, I just go the photosmart one (the first one I was looking at) and pay the $149. But boy, it would've been nice to save $50! Also, I took my old printer back! I figure I can sell it- I'm not just going to give it to those losers!

Then I went to Staples because I had $18 I could use toward ink so I thought I'd stock up before the coupon ran out. I go down the printer aisle. Guess how much that same officejet printer is there? $149!!! Now I could have gotten it and returned the other, but I really didn't mind having a photosmart. And it'd be the same price since it was a Best Buy rebate and not Staples. Boy, how annoying though! So now I have at least one if not two printers to sell and even some ink I found down there that I never used!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 4 I's

Now we'll have four four eyes in our family. Yesterday we spent two hours at the eye doctor. Junior Squirrel now needs glasses too. I'm really worried about how well he'll take care of them when he can barely care for any of his belongings! He will have to learn responsibility real quickly! Thankfully Booty Shaker's eyes are still well, but considering how blind Zach and I are I'm sure he'll need them soon enough. And I knew Chatterbox's eyes had changed. We sit in the back row in church and she can't see the words on the screen. Pretty soon she'll be just as blind as I am! Yikes! On another note when I asked him if I'd be a good candidate for laser eye surgery he said my cornea is very steeped and that yes that would make me a good candidate. Zach was going to get it done a couple of years ago but couldn't because his is too flat. Not like I'm even considering it, the thought of it really freaks me out, but it sure would be nice to see without glasses or contacts!

Monday, November 16, 2009

the first time...

Do you know how blessed I am? I just am so glad God moved us to Iowa. I really liked North Carolina but didn't like North Dakota or Mississippi at all. Although now that I no longer live in those states there are things I do miss about them! But there is just something about Iowa. The people are wonderful. God has blessed me with so many wonderful friends here. I think that's really what helps a place feel like 'home'. Friends, fellowship and of course a great church (which we've had everywhere we've lived, but it's just different here). I don't like the cold but that's about my only complaint about this place (so far).

It is really weird to actually like somewhere as much as I do. I keep wondering if it will wear off and if in 2-3 years I'll be itching to move. I have to be honest, I wish I could move into a bigger house, but still in this city. So last night as we were laying in bed I thought on it. I said to Zach, "I don't think I'd mind us retiring here." I've never, ever said that anywhere else we've lived. I have thought that I wouldn't mind moving back to NC but not to retire. There's just something about Iowa. The feeling of 'home'. The friendliness of people. Only God could do that. It's not like we'd ever have chosen to move here (although Zach did apply for the job). He always knows what He's doing, doesn't He? Even if we move away and never come back here I'm so thankful for the time He's given us here. I'm so blessed by those who have touched my life here, for the strong friendships already formed in such a short time. I'm thankful for the different people that have touched my life in so many ways- from the families from Christ Church who prayed for us before we even moved here and who so lovingly welcomed our family into their fold to the new women I'm meeting here in "A" town through church, book group, homeschooling and other friends.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


It was such a busy week and I'm sure there is much to blog about and I just can't think where to even begin. Wednesday I took the kid's to a Veteran's Day 'ceremony' at the community college. It was very short, but I'm glad we went. I explained the day to them. Junior Squirrel seemed more interested in it than the other kids, asking about thanking the soldiers and all. Zach worked a half day that day so he met us there. After that I went to the hospital to see Jenn. I was there for 3 or 4 hours, I forget how long. I was so glad I could be there for her! It was awesome to be able to see and hold that precious baby. It was also sad. The baby's daddy came to the hospital for a half an hour to meet her. At least he showed up at all, but it's still rather sad!

Wednesday night I went out to coffee with the girl's from our small group. What a great bunch God blessed us with! They were a riot and so much fun. I took Sweet Pea because I'd been away from her quite a bit already that day. I was a bit peeved that Starbucks didn't even have a highchair! Do mothers not go in there? Is it seriously not child friendly?

Thursday I got a babysitter in the morning and headed to see Jenn again. I had a playdate in the afternoon and we had our small group that evening. It was so busy!

Friday morning I woke up so tired. I couldn't wake up and feel right all morning! I was just exhausted from all the running around I'd been doing! I still managed to get a sitter and head out to the hospital again. Jenn had a free meal ticket and fed me lunch (hospital food, but it really wasn't bad). Thanks Jenn! So, we got to 'dine' together in her hotel room. That day was a bit tougher than the day before. More tears were shed as reality began sinking in. I got to snuggle the baby and change another of her diapers! Wow, when I came home and changed Sweet Pea her butt seemed monstrous compared to little Amelia's! I also was able to pray with Jenn before I left. That evening we went and cleaned her house. I also brought some items to bake per her request. Well, Blondie here forgot to add the eggs to the brownies!!! So, in the garbage then went. Good thing Sadie lives closer (for a few more days) and was able to make some yesterday and bring them to her! I have no idea how I did something so stupid!!

Yesterday I had to go out and get groceries. I just wanted to stay home. It feels like I've been running, running, running! This week doesn't look a whole lot better. I think I did stay home once I was done shopping. I managed to get some of the house cleaned like I'd wanted to. I slept so good last night, although I was still really tired in church. Today I've just sat around doing nothing but reading and being online and playing Wii and with Sweet Pea. I have had dinner in the oven for a couple of hours now (Barbecue Beef Brisket, which I've never cooked before). I really hope it turns out. It sure smells good. Is brisket like rich man's food? Boy, was it expensive! I wouldn't have bought it, but it will provide for at least 3 dinners!

Tomorrow night is the 'meeting' for my book club. I'm not sure if I'll make it or not. Tuesday the kids and I have eye appointments, I have a chiropractor appointment and that night there's a homeschool group meeting. Wednesday night is small group. I can't recall what else is written on the calendar! It's crazy because I'd like to help Jenn but have so much going on. I'd like to help Sadie, who is moving, but when do I have time!?! Maybe later in the week I can take the kids or something! On top of it all we have school! We didn't get much done Wed-Friday this past week and I have a goal I'd like to meet before Thanksgiving hits!

I think being a homebody runs in my family. My grandma is a tremendous one and never goes anywhere! You have to pull her leg to come and visit me an hour away when I'm at my mom's! My mom tends to be more of a homebody too. Well, I really enjoy staying home too. I do love to run out and do things, don't get me wrong, but when it's all in a row I just long to be home!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

so much to say, so little time...

I just wanted to let you know I'm still around! I'm just so busy. I don't remember being this busy or being away from home so much in quite awhile! It's weird! I think it will settle down for a couple of days here (I hope). Then it will pick up and be crazy again! I've been away from my kids so much this week and it's been a nice break, but boy have I missed them! Especially Sweet Pea! I'm not used to being away from her as much as I've been! Last night I was gone from her for over 5 hours!!! My milk supply was abundant when I came home and I woke her up to feed her! She probably did better than I did!

So my friend had her baby. That's why I've been so busy! A beautiful, beautiful little girl. I went to visit her at the hospital every day. Last night Sadie, Hannah and I went and cleaned her house. It took 5 hours! Wow! It was weird being there without Jenn, it was weird cleaning somebody else's house and it was weird when she called me on my phone while I was at her house! As I was cleaning I just felt so bad for her (not like I haven't for how long now). I just thought how she was pregnant, caring for 2 other children by herself and no wonder she had no time to keep up on her house! How exhausting!

Now I need to get some attention going on my own house. I managed to get my upstairs dusted, but should clean the bathrooms up there and vacuum. I already vacuumed the downstairs because I kept stepping in crumbs. Yuck! I've got laundry to fold and all I want to do is relax. I'm hoping that I'll get it all done today so tomorrow I have nothing to do. AND I have yet to try to get a few more Scentsy orders in... Will my life please slow down!?!?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Blessings are Growing!

Ok, let's face it. These kids are GROWING! Sweet Pea pulled herself up onto the couch on my lap last night! Oh boy! Mama didn't expect that! She just does so much and its so cute! She 'vroom vrooms' like a car, 'woof woofs' like a dog, pats her leg to 'call' the dog, says 'hi', 'hello', 'bye'. She smacks her lips together when she's hungry or thirsty and will go by her chair or by the fridge from time to time. She dances to music. When you ask her if she wants a bath she'll walk to the stairs and wait for you to move the gate so she can climb up them. She'll be so excited and go straight for the bathroom saying, 'ba ba'. She loves her baths! If you ask her if she wants to go upstairs she'll head for the stairs and sometimes make a 'ppp' sound for up. In the car when we stop and get out she'll put her hand on her red buckle, knowing it needs to come undone. Today at the library she was playing with a train. She doesn't know a train, but thought it was a car and was making her car noise! She signs more and thank you. She tickles my belly and laughs with me. She also likes to stick her fingers under the bathroom door so whoever is in there sees them (and she tries to peek under the door)! She'll climb into my lap if I sit on the floor. She's always moving around when she nurses, and more than likely she's moving a leg around or it is sticking up in the air! She loves the dog and will pat her and sometimes pull her fur and give her hugs. And she let's Daisy lick her face (yuck). She'll try to put our shoes on her feet. Every morning when she wakes up she points to her baby wipes! She uses her block bucket as a purse and will put it on her shoulder! It is so sweet! Right now she just sat her Little People mommy directly in front of her and then looked at us so we could see! She is such a joy! I'm so thankful for the blessing God gave us in Sweet Pea!!!

Another growing one is Junior Squirrel. Just this summer at garage sales I bought him a few pants. Sunday I gave him a pair of nice (but casual) church pants to wear. Can you say holy high waters!?!? When I had him try on another pair, same thing! Yesterday when he put on some pants those were too short too! I swear they just fit him a week ago! So it looks like he'll need a new wardrobe here soon. I was able to pull out a few size 8 pants from the bin, thankfully! As he was sitting at the table next to me doing school today I realized how much his face is just changing. His adult teeth are coming in more and his face is beginning to look more grown up. Unreal. My kids sure are getting big!!!

Maybe another day I'll share how the other two are growing! Just wanted to share these little glimpses into two of my blessings for now!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

I need food

Chatterbox's sleepover went well. I gave the girls some of my old makeup and boy did they have fun (and make a mess, both of themselves and the makeup). Yesterday morning CB, her friend, her friend's mom (my friend) and I went to the local craft sale. I ended up buying some hair ribbons for Sweet Pea for Christmas and some American Girl clothes for CB. She saw some of them but oh well! I also changed around our living room last night. What a nightmare! I don't know why I get myself into that stuff. It takes forever and I really didn't want to do that on my Saturday but it feels so much better to have a 'fresh look'.

We went to the early church service again today. It is nice to get out of church so early! I'm really enjoying church. Great sermons, great worship. I do, however, miss our "Story City church" as the kids call it.

On a side, Zach just turned on the 'game' and the announcers were all with the deployed troops. It sure did choke me up. Why do I get so choked up over stuff like that? Am I the only one? You know something that's messed up? Zach doesn't even get Veteran's Day off! How ridiculous is that!

Today I'm having a little 'open house' for Scentsy. That's what my cousin, Sherry, sells. I'm hoping at least somebody turns out! I didn't invite a whole lot of people though. I'm currently having a catalog party. Sherry sent out pretty much every scent so people will be able to smell them. Have you heard of Scentsy? Well, I may have mentioned it before. Check out their site and order something from Sherry!!! I don't even care if it's 'through me' as I'm only doing this to help her out! Remember, her husband is the one going cancer and going through treatments right now. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Speaking of prayers, my friend, Jenn, is supposed to have a c-section on Wednesday. Please continue to pray for her also. Her children were finally 'told' yesterday that Daddy moved out and the 4 year old just said, "Okay." They stayed at 'Daddy's' for the first time last night and apparently said 4 yo came home and sat in mommy's lap just crying. Does that not just break your heart? She must be so confused! Please keep praying for them.

Ok, it's lunchtime in the Mleko household and there's nothing to eat. I'm starving. I have been so ravenous lately. I feel like I could just eat and eat and eat! And no, I'm not pregnant!

Friday, November 06, 2009

the weekend's here!

It is so weird how it seems the weeks keep flying by for me! It seems like it just was the weekend and now another one is here. I guess that's a good thing, huh? I wish time would slow down though. My kids are growing up too fast.

This morning we did history and did some map work with it. The kids got to make a treasure map too. We only had a little school to do and then I was just too itchy to get out and do something so we went out. I was chatting with my mom online and put on the webcam and we talked also. She got to see Sweet Pea and Junior Squirrel got to read to her. It was pretty neat to be able to do that!

For lunch I decided we'd head out so we went to Sonic. I had to run to the post office and then Chatterbox wanted to run somewhere to get one last Christmas present so she could be done shopping. Then ran to the library and Wal-Mart. I bought some dye and t-shirts as I'd like to try to tye dye t-shirts with the kids. When I told Zach he was like, "How gay." Huh, here I thought it'd be kinda fun.

We also went to the park by my 'dream house'. We weren't there too long because it was so windy. I stuck SP in the swing and she had such a good time! Then I took her over to the little slide and she wanted to keep going down. When I took her to another slide she started to crawl over to the other one she had just been at! It was her first park experience where she walked around!!! I just look at her and I'm so startled at how big she already is! What a little blessing!!!

Tonight CB's friend is going to sleep over, but I haven't told her yet. Kathryn's mom watched the kids a couple of weeks ago when we went to small group so Zach mentioned we should have K spend the night. After all, Sonja watched 3 kids as opposed to her 1! So CB has been asking for some time when K could do so. I finally talked to Sonja last night and today and looks like tonight will be the night. Ohhh, I hope I get some sleep!!! I'm not going to tell CB until K gets here. She's going to be SOOO excited!!!

Enjoying each other

Sweet Pea likes to empty the tupperware cupboard. So then her brother thinks he can climb in said cupboard. This is what they were doing this morning!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sweet Pea

Our week in History

We learned about Attila & the Huns. They're pretending to 'sweep' the land on their 'horses'!

We learned about The Dark Ages. We talked about how bloodletting was common and how barbers would do this job in addition to doctors. So we made Barber Shop Poles. Chatterbox is also dressed up like a Queen as we talked about King Arthur. Junior Squirrel was trying to be a King.
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Real Quick...

I must finish school. Distractions. I had to finish my book. Wow, it was so good. Inspiring, happy, tear provoking and just plain good. I was browsing the section of the library 'recently returned books' and had come across it. I read a bit of the back and inside cover and thought I'd try it. Now I can't wait to read this author's other books. Boy, I have a list of books to read lately it seems! Anyway, the book is called The Christmas Promise. It is by Donna VanLiere. She also wrote The Christmas Shoes. I haven't read that one, but I think we have the movie (I need to check). If we don't have that movie I know I've seen it around, though I'm not sure I've watched it. So, if you are looking for an inspiring, good Christmas-y book, this is one I'd recommend. Have you read anything good lately? Ok, off to finish teaching my pupils:)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Manic Monday

So apparently back 'home' all the schools are closing due to the swine flu. Lovely. I hope my family all stay healthy! They're not in school but good still use good health:)

Speaking of flu, I am not feeling like myself. All of a sudden last night I got nauseous, dizzy and just didn't feel right. I laid here on the couch with my eyes closed trying not to move. I thought I was going to lose my dinner and was doing all I could to keep it in. Finally, after maybe 1/2 hour the worst of feeling like that passed. I took my med's I'm on, some Tylenol and headed up to bed. I ended up reading up there and felt alright. Still not 100%, but not how I had felt at first. And today too I feel not quite 'right'. I'm so thankful I don't have the swine flu but it is very difficult trying to take care of kids when you feel off. I was just up to put clothes in the washer/dryer, print some papers and do a few other things and I'm starting to feel dizzy again.

We had a good weekend. I can't even remember what we did! Oh yeah, Saturday I took the girls shopping. At Kohl's I got Chatterbox 2 shirts and myself a shirt and only had to pay $11! Then we went to Bath & Body Works. All I needed was hand soap and it was on sale for $3! I bought tons! That afternoon I had a Mary Kay 'class'. I think that was the same day I ended up giving Zach his Christmas gift. See, Friday night my aunt was online asking him what game I got. She didn't know it was for him or for Christmas. So he came up to bed and asked me what game I got him! I just decided to give it to him that afternoon then. It's American Idol. He loves to karaoke so I thought he'd like it. We all had fun with it Saturday night! I should try to sing again:) haha

Sunday we went to the early church service. We were home by 10:30 and it was so nice to have the whole day free! I had two dinners to make because my neighbor had surgery on Thursday so I wanted to make them a meal. Zach had to 'go to work' because he had to meet the new 'troop'. Other than that I don't think anything too exciting happened (if you can call all that exciting).

This morning my poor little Sweet Pea woke up with some sort of bite on her face. What on earth!?! She sleeps in my bed so I have no idea what bit her. It's weird. But it doesn't seem to bother her at all, she's happy as ever, walking around, digging in cupboards, making a mess. But I love to see her play around and explore! Boy, they grow up so fast, don't they? Oh yeah, Saturday morning when we were going to leave I was saying, "Bye, bye" and I swear she said, "Bye Dada." It was soooo cute!!!

Ok, enough for now. Hope I'm not boring my whole 3 readers to pieces with my updates...