Monday, November 23, 2009

dreamin' big

Yesterday we went to some Real Estate Open Houses near us. Remember I mentioned awhile ago about the one we went to? It's in this new neighborhood near us. We pass it all the time. We saw 5 different houses. At least two of them were about $800K! Oh, they were beautiful!

This is one we looked at. The pictures don't do it justice. I think there's 5 fireplaces, 11 TV's. It would be a blast to play hide and seek in that house! Wow!

This one is the current Visitor Center. It's amazing. There's like a hidden pantry, a movie theater. Absolutely beautiful!

This here I think the kid's liked the best. Five bedrooms upstairs, at least one in the basement, a playroom in the basement, a 'wet bar', a movie theater. Although the ones I listed above have lots of these amenities too.

Then we looked at 2 smaller, 'more affordable' ones that were still out of our league. It was so fun. The realtor that was at the one that I have linked first was so nice. She's the one that took us to see the last link as it wasn't on open house that day. Apparently people go to these Open Houses often, even without being in the market for a new home. I can't wait to go back and see more! It sure stunk coming home to our little place! I told Zach it'd be fun even to stay in one of those huge ones for like a night, to 'live like a King' for just a tiny bit of time. It's fun to dream! I am sure our mansions in heaven will be amazing!


Kim said...

Wow those are some beautiful houses. Isnt it fun to just dream.

Sherry said...

Oh goodness, I can see me living in one of those homes!! Of course mine will come with a maid to clean it, lol.