Thursday, November 26, 2009


We are truly very blessed, are we not? I know I have it so good. Good health, family and a loving and forgiving savior! Today we had a great Thanksgiving at home. Woke up and turned on the parade. The kids were kinda complaining about it at first, but then they enjoyed seeing it. I made turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (Chatterbox actually did this), sweet potato bake, rolls, ham, gravy and stuffing. I had forgotten about the stuffing until we sat down to eat! Thankfully I had a box of Stove Top in the cupboard! For desserts I made brownies, Pumpkin Pies and Blueberry Cobbler (in the microwave). The Packers won so I know Zach is happy! After dinner I played a little Mario with the kids and then napped. I keep trying to read my book but it's near impossible- I either get drawn to the TV or get sleepy! It has been a wonderful, relaxing day! The kids were really excited about it being Thanksgiving. Booty Shaker kept asking if it was 'Valentines' and Junior Squirrel kept asking about the 'chicken'! Silly boys! Tomorrow we're going to put up our tree. A bit early for me, I usually like to wait until next weekend, but I've had to compromise. Everybody else wanted it up at like Halloween- way too early! I hope you're all enjoying family and food this Thanksgiving! Remember to count your blessings and to thank the One who's given them to you!


Kim said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sounds like some Yummy food. I think we are putting up our tree next week when Jess is home, he's working out in the field today :(

Sherry said...

I'm so glad that you had a good day! I laughed when you mentioned Valentine's day because after dinner A went up to my mom and said Happy Valentine's Day Grandma! She knew earlier in the day that it was Thanksgiving, lol. We had a great meal and it was nice to sit, visit, and relax. I kept thinking how nice it would be to have a bigger house so we could have lots of people over but I am thankful for the one that we have.

I am OK said...

I'm so glad you had a nice thanksgiving. I love just hanging out with my small little family sometimes. It makes me truly thankful for what I have.

God Bless.