Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Bust Buy

It was another bust at Best Buy. I know I complained about them in the past. Last night Zach & I went there after dinner (we were on a date). I wanted to look at printers and just yesterday I saw something on TV where if you bring in your old printer you get $50 off a new one. So, I was eyeing this one printer and finally somebody came over to help me out. The one I was originally looking at was a hp and $149. I wanted to know if I could get the rebate with it. Nope, only a select few, but they did have another type, an officejet, for $149. I thought "Great! If I bring in my old printer this one will only be $100 and it's a hp." I've heard great things about hp printers and the one we had was wonderful. The Lexmark piece of garbage we have is just that- a piece of garbage.

Fast forward to today. I have Zach unplug the old laptop and I'm excited to go get my printer. When I go in the officejet is now $209!!! It's impossible to find help in there when you need it and I was in a hurry, but I finally managed to find somebody. I asked if I could get the price it was last night, saying I was in and the guy never told me the price would jump up like that! If I would've known that I would've been back in last night to get it! I was pretty ticked. Anyway, I just go the photosmart one (the first one I was looking at) and pay the $149. But boy, it would've been nice to save $50! Also, I took my old printer back! I figure I can sell it- I'm not just going to give it to those losers!

Then I went to Staples because I had $18 I could use toward ink so I thought I'd stock up before the coupon ran out. I go down the printer aisle. Guess how much that same officejet printer is there? $149!!! Now I could have gotten it and returned the other, but I really didn't mind having a photosmart. And it'd be the same price since it was a Best Buy rebate and not Staples. Boy, how annoying though! So now I have at least one if not two printers to sell and even some ink I found down there that I never used!

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Kim said...

well glad you got a printer even if its not the one you wanted. What a bunch of crap that it jumped up that much in price. We have a photosmart printer. Its pretty good although we dont use it a whole lot. Hope it works out for you : )