Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is it about Holidays?

I swear I had a similar post to this last year. Last year we decided at the last minute to go home for Thanksgiving. Zach's been 'bugging' me for quite some time this year to go home but I just had no desire to. I thought maybe we'd have some friends over to help make the holiday not so 'lonely'. Also, I was pretty much told not to come home!!!! The more I think about it the more I feel like we're not even wanted there during the holidays! Isn't that sad!?!? Isn't your family supposed to get together at the holidays, if they can? In all defense, I know there's some things going on right now that make it now quite 'ideal' for 'company' but STILL- we're FAMILY. That's what makes them so special! Now, we're only 10 hours from home as opposed to when we were in MS. That's a breeze! We could totally swing it if we really wanted to and were wanted. Of course this time of year isn't always ideal because you never know when the snow will come, especially up in the U.P. I hate having to travel in winter. Maybe I'm just super sensitive right now or something as I ponder it. I just thought that living nearer to family we'd spend more time on holidays with them. I guess I thought wrong. I guess it doesn't matter if we're 10 hours away or across the world, really. Jamie W, I think I've been reading too many of your posts...I'm just ready to complain and not in the least caring who reads it! So later today I'll go out and buy my food for our Thanksgiving feast here at home. Of course we'll really enjoy it, being together. And it's supposed to snow so the kids are thrilled!


Kim said...

I bet that is hurtful to not feel wanted. We kinda feel that way when we go home. We travel 1400 miles this year would be an extra 500 since we moved and all we do is run around trying to visit family and feel like we're in the way.Its got to the point where we dont even enjoy going home, The only people who really care and get excited to see us is my mom and dad. We decided this year we arent going home on vacation instead we are buying my parents train tickets and having them come up here to visit us and vacation w/ them up here in MT. Sorry if I just rambled on your post. I guess its a sensitive topic for me as well. I dont even talk to my 2 sisters and brother at all, And when we go home to visit it feels like they are strangers and we dont even know them, SO I totally feel for you when you dont feel welcomed back home. And you are so lucky to be only 10 hours away you think they would want you guys every chance you got. Well just enjoy Thanksgiving w/ your family.

Sherry said...

Hey, I'm just getting caught up on your blog as I sit in the waiting room in Marquette, and just wanted to say that you guys are more than welcome to come to my house for dinner!! I'm a bit last minute since we weren't sure what was going on with Paul, but since things are looking up, I am going shopping tonight for a turkey and all of the stuff that goes with it. It will just be us, mom, David, Darci and the girls but we'll have lots of food so come on over ~ 5:00p.m. Thursday! In the past we've spent Thanksgiving in Donken but since Wendys house is no longer there, we will do it at home this year. Wendy and the girls are going to her boyfriend's parents this year. Anyway, don't feel unwanted ~ come on over!

I am OK said...

HA! Yeah I really do spill it all on my blog. In fact I just got done with a huge rendition of why my in-laws are big A-Holes. And wouldn't you know - it is all over thanksgiving. Feeling unwanted is the pits. Go to Sherry's! Beside you can always read my blog to know it really isn't worth stressing over - I do it enough for all of us. I love the new blog look BTW


Sara J said...

Are you sure you aren't pregnant??? LOL Really, you can come trade with me, because I dont WANT to go to either of our families for holidays - I just want it to be us and our little threesome, but both sides clamor for us to come. That can be JUST as bad as not feeling wanted, because then we have to inevitably hurt someones feelings each year, as it is just not feasible to drag IK hither, thither, and yon all in one day.