Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Blessings are Growing!

Ok, let's face it. These kids are GROWING! Sweet Pea pulled herself up onto the couch on my lap last night! Oh boy! Mama didn't expect that! She just does so much and its so cute! She 'vroom vrooms' like a car, 'woof woofs' like a dog, pats her leg to 'call' the dog, says 'hi', 'hello', 'bye'. She smacks her lips together when she's hungry or thirsty and will go by her chair or by the fridge from time to time. She dances to music. When you ask her if she wants a bath she'll walk to the stairs and wait for you to move the gate so she can climb up them. She'll be so excited and go straight for the bathroom saying, 'ba ba'. She loves her baths! If you ask her if she wants to go upstairs she'll head for the stairs and sometimes make a 'ppp' sound for up. In the car when we stop and get out she'll put her hand on her red buckle, knowing it needs to come undone. Today at the library she was playing with a train. She doesn't know a train, but thought it was a car and was making her car noise! She signs more and thank you. She tickles my belly and laughs with me. She also likes to stick her fingers under the bathroom door so whoever is in there sees them (and she tries to peek under the door)! She'll climb into my lap if I sit on the floor. She's always moving around when she nurses, and more than likely she's moving a leg around or it is sticking up in the air! She loves the dog and will pat her and sometimes pull her fur and give her hugs. And she let's Daisy lick her face (yuck). She'll try to put our shoes on her feet. Every morning when she wakes up she points to her baby wipes! She uses her block bucket as a purse and will put it on her shoulder! It is so sweet! Right now she just sat her Little People mommy directly in front of her and then looked at us so we could see! She is such a joy! I'm so thankful for the blessing God gave us in Sweet Pea!!!

Another growing one is Junior Squirrel. Just this summer at garage sales I bought him a few pants. Sunday I gave him a pair of nice (but casual) church pants to wear. Can you say holy high waters!?!? When I had him try on another pair, same thing! Yesterday when he put on some pants those were too short too! I swear they just fit him a week ago! So it looks like he'll need a new wardrobe here soon. I was able to pull out a few size 8 pants from the bin, thankfully! As he was sitting at the table next to me doing school today I realized how much his face is just changing. His adult teeth are coming in more and his face is beginning to look more grown up. Unreal. My kids sure are getting big!!!

Maybe another day I'll share how the other two are growing! Just wanted to share these little glimpses into two of my blessings for now!


Kim said...

That is so awesome how she does so many things now. What a little joy. She sure is very intelligent. ISnt it so crazy how these kids seem to grow overnight. Thats how it was like for JJ and his costume for Halloween this year.I just bougth it a month prior and when he put it on it was like he was wearing floods. I thought I made a mistake and bought him a wrong size but apparently not. I just love watching my kids grow and change.They all sure are blessings from God.

I am OK said...

It is just so sweet how our little ones grow. I remember the first time Cooper went and brought me back a toy I asked him for, I was so excited I called Scott and work. LOL - it is like seeing it the first time yourself.