Sunday, November 08, 2009

I need food

Chatterbox's sleepover went well. I gave the girls some of my old makeup and boy did they have fun (and make a mess, both of themselves and the makeup). Yesterday morning CB, her friend, her friend's mom (my friend) and I went to the local craft sale. I ended up buying some hair ribbons for Sweet Pea for Christmas and some American Girl clothes for CB. She saw some of them but oh well! I also changed around our living room last night. What a nightmare! I don't know why I get myself into that stuff. It takes forever and I really didn't want to do that on my Saturday but it feels so much better to have a 'fresh look'.

We went to the early church service again today. It is nice to get out of church so early! I'm really enjoying church. Great sermons, great worship. I do, however, miss our "Story City church" as the kids call it.

On a side, Zach just turned on the 'game' and the announcers were all with the deployed troops. It sure did choke me up. Why do I get so choked up over stuff like that? Am I the only one? You know something that's messed up? Zach doesn't even get Veteran's Day off! How ridiculous is that!

Today I'm having a little 'open house' for Scentsy. That's what my cousin, Sherry, sells. I'm hoping at least somebody turns out! I didn't invite a whole lot of people though. I'm currently having a catalog party. Sherry sent out pretty much every scent so people will be able to smell them. Have you heard of Scentsy? Well, I may have mentioned it before. Check out their site and order something from Sherry!!! I don't even care if it's 'through me' as I'm only doing this to help her out! Remember, her husband is the one going cancer and going through treatments right now. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Speaking of prayers, my friend, Jenn, is supposed to have a c-section on Wednesday. Please continue to pray for her also. Her children were finally 'told' yesterday that Daddy moved out and the 4 year old just said, "Okay." They stayed at 'Daddy's' for the first time last night and apparently said 4 yo came home and sat in mommy's lap just crying. Does that not just break your heart? She must be so confused! Please keep praying for them.

Ok, it's lunchtime in the Mleko household and there's nothing to eat. I'm starving. I have been so ravenous lately. I feel like I could just eat and eat and eat! And no, I'm not pregnant!


Kim said...

Sounds like the girls had a fun sleepover. Thats great you get to get up and go to any early service. I have been contemplating on whether to try a new church. This one is just so big, I tend to do well w/ littler churches. Good luck on your party, I've never heard of scentsy before. I did check out their site though. How sad about your friends kids. Thats gotta be so hard for them. I feel so sad for them. Prayers for your friend as she delivers her new little blessing

Christine said...

Aww..praying for your friend, Jenn. That is so sad!

I am OK said...

I checked out the Scentsy website. Those things look pretty neat. I might pick one out for a Christmas present. Email with a link for your party if it is still open.

Praying for Jenn here too.

Love Jamie