Friday, November 06, 2009

the weekend's here!

It is so weird how it seems the weeks keep flying by for me! It seems like it just was the weekend and now another one is here. I guess that's a good thing, huh? I wish time would slow down though. My kids are growing up too fast.

This morning we did history and did some map work with it. The kids got to make a treasure map too. We only had a little school to do and then I was just too itchy to get out and do something so we went out. I was chatting with my mom online and put on the webcam and we talked also. She got to see Sweet Pea and Junior Squirrel got to read to her. It was pretty neat to be able to do that!

For lunch I decided we'd head out so we went to Sonic. I had to run to the post office and then Chatterbox wanted to run somewhere to get one last Christmas present so she could be done shopping. Then ran to the library and Wal-Mart. I bought some dye and t-shirts as I'd like to try to tye dye t-shirts with the kids. When I told Zach he was like, "How gay." Huh, here I thought it'd be kinda fun.

We also went to the park by my 'dream house'. We weren't there too long because it was so windy. I stuck SP in the swing and she had such a good time! Then I took her over to the little slide and she wanted to keep going down. When I took her to another slide she started to crawl over to the other one she had just been at! It was her first park experience where she walked around!!! I just look at her and I'm so startled at how big she already is! What a little blessing!!!

Tonight CB's friend is going to sleep over, but I haven't told her yet. Kathryn's mom watched the kids a couple of weeks ago when we went to small group so Zach mentioned we should have K spend the night. After all, Sonja watched 3 kids as opposed to her 1! So CB has been asking for some time when K could do so. I finally talked to Sonja last night and today and looks like tonight will be the night. Ohhh, I hope I get some sleep!!! I'm not going to tell CB until K gets here. She's going to be SOOO excited!!!


Kim said...

Its funny you mentioned that about the weeks flying by. I was just thinking to myself man time is going WE had wonderful 70 degree weather Thursday. It was so nice to be able to go out for a walk. Your brave to have another kid on your hands. Then again its a girl so that shouldnt be so bad. Girls are so much calmer than these crazy boys.

I am OK said...

Yup weeks are flying by here too. Seems like I am just complaing out the school systems half day Monday's and then bam it is Friday! I have been longing to have C have friends over. But the parents are a little reserved around here. If one could sleep over, I'd be thrilled! Please someone else play clue, scabble, and upwords with this child, PLEASE!! LOL.

Hope CB has a blast.