Sunday, November 22, 2009

where have i been?

I was hoping I'd have time to get on and blog today. I have no idea what I've been up to but boy have I been busy (does that even make sense). Yesterday I ran to visit with Jenn. It was weird- I'd seen her every day when she was in the hospital but hadn't since and I really missed her! Zach and I decided at the last minute to go on a date, so got a babysitter. We talked about going to see New Moon but Sweet Pea was so cranky that we just took her along. There was no way I was going to attempt to see that in a theater with her! So we tried this new burger joint and went to Best Buy and Target. I was hoping to get some Christmas shopping done at Target for the girls, but was unsuccessful. We had such a good date though and when we got home we put the kids to bed and played Wii for awhile (the new Mario Bros for Wii is a blast). Then we were up until who knows when just talking and talking. It was nice, but boy am I exhausted today! I have no idea how we made it to the 9 am church service this morning!

Friday night I went to a Pampered Chef party. She made Mexican Lasagna in the microwave! AND Cobbler in the microwave! The cobbler was only 3 ingredients and was delicious- I'm going to make it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Zach keeps talking about how he wants to go home but I'm like "No way." It's just such a long drive for such a short time. I wish we knew of people we could invite over (we did invite Jenn but I'm not sure what she's up to yet). We love having people over for the holidays! I can't wait to have a wonderful turkey dinner! Yum!

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Kim said...

SO glad to hear you got to go on a "date". That doesnt happen to often. My parents are coming up for Christmas so hopefully Jess and I can escape and go on a date. We had our Thanksgiving dinner today. Thats the joy of having a military cop for a husband. He leaves thanksgiving again for work, so we celebrated today so he could eat his turkey and watch football. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you get some company. Its always nice to have company on holidays