Saturday, November 14, 2009

so much to say, so little time...

I just wanted to let you know I'm still around! I'm just so busy. I don't remember being this busy or being away from home so much in quite awhile! It's weird! I think it will settle down for a couple of days here (I hope). Then it will pick up and be crazy again! I've been away from my kids so much this week and it's been a nice break, but boy have I missed them! Especially Sweet Pea! I'm not used to being away from her as much as I've been! Last night I was gone from her for over 5 hours!!! My milk supply was abundant when I came home and I woke her up to feed her! She probably did better than I did!

So my friend had her baby. That's why I've been so busy! A beautiful, beautiful little girl. I went to visit her at the hospital every day. Last night Sadie, Hannah and I went and cleaned her house. It took 5 hours! Wow! It was weird being there without Jenn, it was weird cleaning somebody else's house and it was weird when she called me on my phone while I was at her house! As I was cleaning I just felt so bad for her (not like I haven't for how long now). I just thought how she was pregnant, caring for 2 other children by herself and no wonder she had no time to keep up on her house! How exhausting!

Now I need to get some attention going on my own house. I managed to get my upstairs dusted, but should clean the bathrooms up there and vacuum. I already vacuumed the downstairs because I kept stepping in crumbs. Yuck! I've got laundry to fold and all I want to do is relax. I'm hoping that I'll get it all done today so tomorrow I have nothing to do. AND I have yet to try to get a few more Scentsy orders in... Will my life please slow down!?!?


Kim said...

I say you've been busy. I feel so bad for your friend.I cant imagine just having a beautiful baby and not have your husband around to enjoy the blessing. Has he even saw the baby? Well hopefully you get caught up on all your housework.

I am OK said...

It is so awesome that you are able to help Jenn so much! I know you must be an answer to her prayers. I will keep praying for her and her family.