Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 4 I's

Now we'll have four four eyes in our family. Yesterday we spent two hours at the eye doctor. Junior Squirrel now needs glasses too. I'm really worried about how well he'll take care of them when he can barely care for any of his belongings! He will have to learn responsibility real quickly! Thankfully Booty Shaker's eyes are still well, but considering how blind Zach and I are I'm sure he'll need them soon enough. And I knew Chatterbox's eyes had changed. We sit in the back row in church and she can't see the words on the screen. Pretty soon she'll be just as blind as I am! Yikes! On another note when I asked him if I'd be a good candidate for laser eye surgery he said my cornea is very steeped and that yes that would make me a good candidate. Zach was going to get it done a couple of years ago but couldn't because his is too flat. Not like I'm even considering it, the thought of it really freaks me out, but it sure would be nice to see without glasses or contacts!


Kim said...

I'm sure JS will look cute inhis glasses. I am constantly on Jesse's butt about taking care of his glasses. His glasses sit crooked on his face. I tried adjusting them.He just does not take care of them. He sleeps w/ them on sometimes and I tell him thats why they are bent and crooked, and he just lays them down where ever and is always asking me where his glasses are. I think Im gonna take DB to the eye Dr after Christmas. I think he may need glasses too. HE gets headaches and I think that may have something to do w/ his headaches. The thougth of laser eye surgery really freaks me out. I dont care how blind I am. I do not want someone cutting my eye. that is so gross

Sherry said...

J is really responsible with her glasses, but A......not so much. J just had to get stronger ones last month. A is getting better but she's been known to throw them across the room, or leave them where they can be sat on or stepped on. She must've been chewing on the ends of them too because the plastic coating is all yucky so she's got to go back and get new ends put on. Ican't imagine doing that ~ YUCK! She says she didn't but unless the dog did, I don't know how else they'd have gotten that way. I hope you have good luck with JS!

I am OK said...

I was horrid with my glasses when I was a kid. Always breaking them - once getting up and stepping on them becuase they fell off my table. Eventually my dad rigged this clip up that hung off my bed post so I could hang up my glasses at night - I thought it was pretty neat so I stopped throwing them down, sleeping with them on, and stepping on them.

Get flexable fames and get them adjusted when ever you pass the store you get them from. I bet he'll be fine and super cute! You may have to be creative like my dad - LOL