Sunday, November 15, 2009


It was such a busy week and I'm sure there is much to blog about and I just can't think where to even begin. Wednesday I took the kid's to a Veteran's Day 'ceremony' at the community college. It was very short, but I'm glad we went. I explained the day to them. Junior Squirrel seemed more interested in it than the other kids, asking about thanking the soldiers and all. Zach worked a half day that day so he met us there. After that I went to the hospital to see Jenn. I was there for 3 or 4 hours, I forget how long. I was so glad I could be there for her! It was awesome to be able to see and hold that precious baby. It was also sad. The baby's daddy came to the hospital for a half an hour to meet her. At least he showed up at all, but it's still rather sad!

Wednesday night I went out to coffee with the girl's from our small group. What a great bunch God blessed us with! They were a riot and so much fun. I took Sweet Pea because I'd been away from her quite a bit already that day. I was a bit peeved that Starbucks didn't even have a highchair! Do mothers not go in there? Is it seriously not child friendly?

Thursday I got a babysitter in the morning and headed to see Jenn again. I had a playdate in the afternoon and we had our small group that evening. It was so busy!

Friday morning I woke up so tired. I couldn't wake up and feel right all morning! I was just exhausted from all the running around I'd been doing! I still managed to get a sitter and head out to the hospital again. Jenn had a free meal ticket and fed me lunch (hospital food, but it really wasn't bad). Thanks Jenn! So, we got to 'dine' together in her hotel room. That day was a bit tougher than the day before. More tears were shed as reality began sinking in. I got to snuggle the baby and change another of her diapers! Wow, when I came home and changed Sweet Pea her butt seemed monstrous compared to little Amelia's! I also was able to pray with Jenn before I left. That evening we went and cleaned her house. I also brought some items to bake per her request. Well, Blondie here forgot to add the eggs to the brownies!!! So, in the garbage then went. Good thing Sadie lives closer (for a few more days) and was able to make some yesterday and bring them to her! I have no idea how I did something so stupid!!

Yesterday I had to go out and get groceries. I just wanted to stay home. It feels like I've been running, running, running! This week doesn't look a whole lot better. I think I did stay home once I was done shopping. I managed to get some of the house cleaned like I'd wanted to. I slept so good last night, although I was still really tired in church. Today I've just sat around doing nothing but reading and being online and playing Wii and with Sweet Pea. I have had dinner in the oven for a couple of hours now (Barbecue Beef Brisket, which I've never cooked before). I really hope it turns out. It sure smells good. Is brisket like rich man's food? Boy, was it expensive! I wouldn't have bought it, but it will provide for at least 3 dinners!

Tomorrow night is the 'meeting' for my book club. I'm not sure if I'll make it or not. Tuesday the kids and I have eye appointments, I have a chiropractor appointment and that night there's a homeschool group meeting. Wednesday night is small group. I can't recall what else is written on the calendar! It's crazy because I'd like to help Jenn but have so much going on. I'd like to help Sadie, who is moving, but when do I have time!?! Maybe later in the week I can take the kids or something! On top of it all we have school! We didn't get much done Wed-Friday this past week and I have a goal I'd like to meet before Thanksgiving hits!

I think being a homebody runs in my family. My grandma is a tremendous one and never goes anywhere! You have to pull her leg to come and visit me an hour away when I'm at my mom's! My mom tends to be more of a homebody too. Well, I really enjoy staying home too. I do love to run out and do things, don't get me wrong, but when it's all in a row I just long to be home!!!


I am OK said...

Wow you really did have a busy week. - We copied that over here too. It seems like the holiday craze has set in a little early and we are just trying to get it all done at once. I hope things slow down a little so you can take time to enjoy life - and I am a little Jelous of your book club! I want to start one here but I have no idea where to begin.

Kim said...

Yikes you were busy. You are such a wonderful friend. You're always there for your friends. You probably mean so much to her during this time. Im a homebody too to some extent. However I can only take so much of being cooped up in a house for so long.