Monday, April 26, 2010

Why don't I ever blog?

Our trip home was...stressful. It always is. I always say I'm not gonna do that again but of course I do! This time it was just that Zach & I were on two different pages with 'plans'. So that frustrated the crap out of me! It was nice to see my mom, though. I just wish we'd had more time together, at least alone. Since my stepdad is out of commission he was RIGHT there ALL the time! Everybody was happy to see us. We didn't travel an hour to see everyone, but people came to us and that helped w/stress! I was tired enough as it was! It was great seeing everyone we got to see, just wish we could've seen everyone!

It is so nice to be home. Nothing like going away to have you come home and feel good about your home! Although since I got here I've been sick. I haven't been taking Unisom at night, seeing if I could go without it (plus I didn't really want to take it when we were travelling because I didn't want to be overly tired). But yesterday we didn't eat on a normal schedule and I thought maybe that threw my off. By the time I'd eaten I was beyond hungry and then so sick. So as soon as I crawled into bed last night I had to run out because I got sick. This morning I awoke and had laundry started before 8:30 and was showered by 9! I was so thrilled, ready to tackle school and some other things. Well, I began to go downhill from there and felt so sick again. I did school from the couch and laid around all day. My stomach kept turning and feeling funny, I have no idea how I didn't get sick. Then as I was eating dinner (leftover spaghetti) I knew I was going to 'lose it'. Not fun at all! No idea why I'm so sick again but I'm going to start taking Unisom again! In Michigan I was getting to the point where I was craving things and everything sounded good. Not anymore! Boo!

Abby is just growing up. She was down to nursing once a night (at last) and the other night I paid attention if she was getting anything. She wasn't so I was just her pacifier so last night she got no 'boo' as she calls it. She only whined once for it. Last night she fell asleep in her own bed (with Hannah next to her) and awoke after 1 and I brought her into our bed. I was too tired/sick to try to get her back in her own bed and Zach wouldn't budge! Then today for her nap Hannah got her to sleep in her bed again!!! I think she's finally beginning to like her bed! I must admit though that I'm a bit sad that we'll never have that 'closeness' of nursing again. It's just such a special thing. Good thing I have another on the way! Now to get her sleeping through the night and in her own bed all night!!! She's so smart too. Copies everything. She eats like a pig now that she doesn't nurse- she'll eat anything from anyone! I'm thinking I may try to potty train her this summer. She's only 20 months but she's so smart and I normally can tell when she's about to poop. We'll see. She loves to give me kisses on the mouth, its so super sweet! She's beginning to 'sing' along to music! I love watching her discover new things every day. Oh and she LOVES puzzles!!!

Ok that's about all for now. I'm so tired.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We're so spontaneous

We decided on like Wednesday to go home to Michigan for a week, so here we are at 'home'. We got her Saturday and will only be here until Friday or Saturday. It will be short but good. I hadn't seen my mom since last summer when I was up here! She keeps wanting to come down to visit me but hasn't been able to with her nursing duties (my stepdad's broken ankle). I really hope she'll be able to make it down this summer when I'm home alone for 6 1/2 weeks. The kids sure love being in Michigan again. Not only do they get to see family but they have so much room to run around outside. And they don't mind the 'cold' like I do!

Yesterday we spent the day at Zach's dads. His sister and her family came up and we BBQ'd and had a good ol' time. We went out to Zach's Uncle Joey's house and he gave the kids a ride on a trailer on the back of his 4-wheeler and then they played in his pond looking for frogs, tadpoles and turtles. They had such a good time.

Well, I can't concentrate anymore on anything else I was going to say :) Too much commotion!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Yep, guess I'm supposed to be SUPER DOOPER MOM! How I'm supposed to do it all and have it all together is beyond me. I'm so at the end of my rope. Nights are so rough. I'm just so frustrated and hormones must be hitting because I'm even in tears.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend we had! Well, I really don't remember Friday. I think I felt pretty sick that night. Oh yeah, we went to eat at Godfather's. It's one of the only sit down pizza places in our town- sad that pizza has become only a thing of delivery or carry-out! Afterwards we ran to Walmart because I needed a few things for Hannah's party. When I walked in the door I noticed little orange "Wet Floor" signs or something but didn't pay attention until the greeter guy said, "Don't look." Of course then you look...I saw puke. I felt pukey enough as it was! I made sure we left out the other door. And as soon as I got home I ran upstairs and lost my dinner! At least I didn't' do it in Walmart!

Saturday Zach took the boys fishing and I prepared for Hannah's party. She had 4 girls come over, which was a perfect number! We played the "Hannah game" where I asked questions about her from birth on up- a great way for the girls to get to know her! We then played a 'nail polish' game I found online. You spin the bottle of nail polish and whoever it lands on paints a nail that color, then they spin, etc so they end up w/different color painted nails. We did one hand for each girl and then they just painted the other hand whatever colors they wanted. Then we opened gifts- Hannah got some real nice gifts. It was time to decorate cupcakes. The girls had a blast putting their own icing on the cupcakes- piling it way high! They were like, "This is a once in a lifetime chance!" Haha After the cake and ice cream we planted some seeds for them to take home. Then they had about 20 minutes to play. I had most of the party outside and didn't even get the house messy! It was perfect! Parties for 10 year old girls are way easier than for littler kids or even boys! I guess the boys didn't catch one fish- in 4 hours of fishing! At least they got out and had some fun! I was pretty beat after the party so Zach, Abby and I took a nap while the older kids watched a movie.

Today we went to the early service at church. I really like going to that service because then we have the whole rest of the day free! Although today we were like, "What are we going to do?" It was decent weather outside so we knew we wanted to do something. Abby wouldn't nap so I suggested we just go for a ride and maybe she'd sleep. We drove through some areas of Ankeny we've never been through before. Then Zach said he'd take the kids to Petsmart to see the animals so I ventured to Kohl's which is in the same shopping plaza! I wanted to find a spring/summer coat since I don't really have a decent/nice one. Plus I had $10 in Kohl's cash to use. I found a nice coat, a shirt for myself and a white onesie for Abby. She's got a few denim jumpers and I didn't have anything to wear under them so I thought that was perfect. I really could have spent much more money, looking at all the baby clothes and stuff! Afterwards we came home and the kids played in the backyard. I took Abby in the front to ride her bike and she saw our neighbors on the corner out with their slide and jump house so she started heading that way! It was nice to visit with them again- I haven't seen them since fall! Abby had fun playing (their little boy is exactly 2 weeks younger than her). It is so nice to be able to hang out outside, I just wish the wind wouldn't blow so much! Yesterday was supposed to be about 70 but it wasn't that warm at all and with the wind felt even cooler.

I've been weaning Abby. She doesn't' nurse at all during the day and there's been a night or two I haven't nursed her before she fell asleep. I try to put her in her room to go to sleep but sometimes its difficult if I don't feel well. Last night I didn't nurse her, she fell asleep in her room and once she woke up I think she only nursed maybe two times during the night, so I think she's finally getting it! I feel bad because she's so cute when she asks for it or tries to get in my shirt! Hopefully she'll be weaned soon and start sleeping through the night and then in her own bed! My goal is to have her in her own bed all night before Zach's gone this summer.

She has to do whatever her siblings do. If they eat, she has to be sitting eating also. The other day they went to play in the basement and she normally doesn't ask to go down there, but she begged to go down. It is not finished and there are many toys for her to play with down there but there's also some that are too little for her. So I had Hannah watch and play with her while I cleaned up from lunch. If the kids go outside Abby has to go outside. And every time she goes outside she goes to the basement door until we get her shoes and to the closet for her jacket. Smart girl! The other night at Godfather's she was so super cute. These teen boys sat at a booth across from us and she kept looking back at them and smiling. The one boy finally noticed her and smiled back. She started waving and saying, "Hi" and she'd look at us and laugh about it! It was so cute how she was flirting with him! When we left I told her to give him a hug and she went to put her head on his leg to 'hug' him but then hit her head on the table and got freaked out! It was so funny though!

Well, speaking of Abby she's finally napping on me and my arm is killing so I better get off. Plus Hannah's been begging me to see which clothes of hers don't fit her so it's time to go through her clothes!

Monday, April 05, 2010


I forgot to mention that I had 'the talk' with Hannah. I believe it was Thursday night. I figured it was 'fresh' on both our minds so I better just do it. Whew. I first of all made very, VERY clear that she not talk about the stuff I tell her with anyone- not her brothers, not friends. If she had anything to say or ask to come to me. That's all I need is her to go and tell her friends how babies are made! I told her about how her body will change and what will happen and explained how babies are 'made'. She had some questions. Some were funny. "You mean you and dad took your shorts off and did that?" "Well when I get married will you be mad when I do that?" "Will dad spank me after I'm married and I do that?" She also thought you waited awhile after you were married, saying something about months later and how will people know, will she get a belly? Then I explained that just because you're intimate doesn't mean you get pregnant, that there's only a certain time of the month that can happen. I think she got quite an education! She hasn't brought it up since we've had the discussion. She did seem rather weirded out by it, wondering how it could be 'enjoyable'. I told her that's normal for kids to feel that way, but as she got older she'd understand! It really wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. She did know a bit about menstruation and stuff due to reading the Old Testament. Kudos to the Bible :)


Ok, so Saturday I realized that my belly must have grown over night! That's weird too because Friday night I was sooooo sick! But I could've sworn on Saturday that my tummy was just a bit bigger. And yesterday I noticed it too. I'm 9 1/2 weeks. Wow, it seems so early, especially considering how tiny the baby is! I don't mind though! I remember with Hannah I was like 9 months pregnant and barely looked pregnant at all! I hated it! It was my first and I wanted to look pregnant! I guess by the time I've been pregnant so many times I'm bound to get 'fat' sooner! Even the other day when I was walking in Kohl's I almost felt like I had a bit of a waddle! I know, I must have been exaggerating but still.

We had a good weekend. Like I said Friday I was really sick. Zach got home and I don't know what the deal was. I don't remember feeling that awful the whole pregnancy. Finally about 8 I took some Unisom and went to bed. Saturday I wanted to head out to this kid's consignment shop so we all went out. It was nice to get out and I managed to find some things for Abby and a few things for Josiah (my two most in 'need'). The kids enjoy looking at the animals around the store (they have fish, turtles, guinea pigs, etc). Always a fun time! I thought with everyone there I would feel rushed to look but I wasn't at all. We then drove to Barnes and Noble where Hannah exchanged a book and then we drove by the lake to see if it was unfrozen. Zach thought about taking the boys fishing, but then decided it was too windy. When we got home Hannah & I went to Kohl's where I found a few more things for A & J. Then I treated Hannah to some YUMMY custard at Culver's. I haven't been able to eat a whole lot of sweets so far this pregnancy but that sounded so delicious to me. I saved $112 at Kohl's! I LOVE saving money like that!!!

Yesterday we had a good day, much better than what I'd anticipated. I hate spending holidays alone, without family. It really, really bites to be away from family on holidays. And I really miss living near/on a base where you have others in the same boat so you all get together. I really didn't want to spend another holiday alone. Sometimes it just gets so depressing. We went to church, which was PACKED and then Zach went to Wal-mart because he decided he was going to cook a dinner! He made a delicious salad for us for lunch and then for dinner made Chicken Alfredo. It was so sweet of him to do that! We have noodles coming out of our ears he made so much food! At least I don't have to worry about what to eat when I get hungry!

To make the day even better my friend, Jenn, and her kids stopped by! It was great to see them and Abby loved the baby! She even 'helped' me give the baby her bottle! Then the weather was gorgeous so we sat outside for awhile. Our neighbors were out too, so eventually I ended up over there to hold their not even month old grandson! Two babies in one day!!! THEN I had another surprise, which I cannot disclose yet. It was a GREAT day and I'm thankful to God for the people he provided to keep me 'company' during the day! Hope you all had a blessed Resurrection Day as well!

I wish I could say today was a good day. For some reason I didn't get enough sleep or awoke on the wrong side of the bed. I am a grouch (I admit it). My kids are driving me nuts. Right now poor Abby is so tired. She was asleep on the floor until the kids were going crazy being hyper. Now she's awake and just crying. I know she wants to go back to sleep but is fighting it. Poor baby. I've tried rocking her, singing to her, etc and she just doesn't know what she wants. I must go and put some laundry in the dryer. How we ended up with SO many dirty clothes is beyond me!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Baby #7!

So yesterday I had my first appointment, as you know from my last blog post. All went well and it was such a relief! I was still in shock, even after seeing the baby! It's such a blessing to be given the chance to raise another child for the Lord! He is so good to see us fit to bless us with another baby! I'm so thankful!

I've been thinking about the birth of this baby and wondering if I'd need another c-section. I know they're so anti-VBAC these days, even after one section, much less after two. I have to admit I'm almost ok with another c-section. I'm wondering if it's a 'God thing' because I never considered that with my other children. The doctor talked to me about having my 5th baby and how that really increases my chances of uterine rupture, especially since my body has been through this so many times now. He also said, "If you were my wife I'd definitely recommend a c-section." He was very open to checking into it all if I wanted a VBAC, to checking with the hospital and all that (he was talking about it before I said anything about it). That was when I told him I wasn't completely opposed to another c-section. Like I said, I wonder if God has kinda made me think this way for some reason, because normally I'd be opposed. And I have many, MANY friends who are WAY opposed to c-sections and I really don't want to hear any 'stats' or anything on it- it is a choice Zach & I have to make that will work best for us.

This morning I had a nightmare that seemed so real. I was standing by the front door with Josiah and then realized I had to go to the bathroom. Not to give TMI, but when I wiped I was spotting and I just FREAKED out. I was a bit nervous to get out of bed and go to the bathroom this morning. Luckily it was just a really, really bad dream. I'm thankful for even having a dream though because that means I got sleep!

I've been struggling with insomnia many nights with this pregnancy. The night before last I couldn't sleep AT ALL. It was so frustrating! Yesterday was such a busy day and by evening I was just worn right out! And I had to come home, make sure the kids were bathed and get them to bed! It was nice to crawl into bed at a decent hour and actually get some sleep! I was so thankful!

Ok, speaking of baby I'm really hungry so I better find me some food before I get too much hungrier. I've been puking, but not every day- not even every other day- thankfully! I certainly feel like I could a lot more often though. I hate being hungry but nothing sounds good- that's the worst.

Bad blogging mom!

I didn't get on my blog yesterday to wish Hannah a HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY!!!! How is it that my 'baby' is 10??? I remember that day like it was yesterday. I'm so thankful for the young lady Hannah is becoming- I couldn't ask for a better daughter! God has blessed us!

Here's how her birthday went down: She woke up and we ate breakfast and then she opened her gifts. She was excited to get new bedding from Nanny & Papa. We'd gone on Saturday when Zach was still in town and gotten her ears pierced with a $35 gift card to Claire's I'd given her. We also went to Bass Pro Shop and ate at their restaurant. I asked the waitress about birthdays and she said they normally don't do anything but she'd ask her manager. She came back with a sundae for Hannah and said the boss paid for it. That was SO nice!!! What a little treat! Anyway, back to yesterday...

The kids also watched TV, whatever Hannah wanted to watch. They also got to play outside. We ate lunch and then sang Happy Birthday and had cake. I picked up the babysitter to watch teh younger three and Hannah came to my first OB appointment with me. I was so excited to take her! When I was filling out a form that asked about your last period she read it and asked, "Does that mean like a period at the end of a sentence?" LOL I briefly reminded her what it was, because I've briefly told her about it before. So, we finally make it in the back and WOOHOO I get my ultrasound! It was such a relief to see the baby! The doctor gave the first picture to Hannah to keep! I thought that was so special! It was amazing how you could already see baby's arm and leg buds!

The appointment went well, I'll try to write more on that on another post. I had to go and get my blood drawn and while waiting Hannah asked me how babies get in mommy's bellies. Oh boy! Seriously!?! I was having a hard enough time with her turning 10, do I really have to explain that too! I told her the mommy and daddy sleep together and she asked, "Do they touch each other or what?" So, she's on the right track... I just need to find a time to sit and explain it all to her, I guess. Phew, my little girl is growing up!

I was so thankful Hannah was able to come to my appointment with me! It was so special! I hope she thought it was special also! After we brought the babysitter home we came home and the kids got to ride their scooters out front for awhile. They wanted their bikes but I wasn't about to try to haul them out of the shed! Then we went out for Chinese, per Hannah's request for her birthday dinner. I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle it but I just ate rice and ragoons! We came home and they played outside and watched some more TV. Hannah wanted to play with one of her friends but that didn't work out. We then went to Bible study where the 'babysitter' planned an Easter egg hunt for the kids. They all sure liked that! That was sweet of them to do that!

We then came home and had baths and went to bed. Then I went and lay in Hannah's bed with her and asked if she had a good birthday and prayed over her. She said she had a special day and I'm glad. I plan to try to have a birthday party for her on the 10th, just a little one.

Happy 10th birthday my big girl!!!