Thursday, April 01, 2010

Baby #7!

So yesterday I had my first appointment, as you know from my last blog post. All went well and it was such a relief! I was still in shock, even after seeing the baby! It's such a blessing to be given the chance to raise another child for the Lord! He is so good to see us fit to bless us with another baby! I'm so thankful!

I've been thinking about the birth of this baby and wondering if I'd need another c-section. I know they're so anti-VBAC these days, even after one section, much less after two. I have to admit I'm almost ok with another c-section. I'm wondering if it's a 'God thing' because I never considered that with my other children. The doctor talked to me about having my 5th baby and how that really increases my chances of uterine rupture, especially since my body has been through this so many times now. He also said, "If you were my wife I'd definitely recommend a c-section." He was very open to checking into it all if I wanted a VBAC, to checking with the hospital and all that (he was talking about it before I said anything about it). That was when I told him I wasn't completely opposed to another c-section. Like I said, I wonder if God has kinda made me think this way for some reason, because normally I'd be opposed. And I have many, MANY friends who are WAY opposed to c-sections and I really don't want to hear any 'stats' or anything on it- it is a choice Zach & I have to make that will work best for us.

This morning I had a nightmare that seemed so real. I was standing by the front door with Josiah and then realized I had to go to the bathroom. Not to give TMI, but when I wiped I was spotting and I just FREAKED out. I was a bit nervous to get out of bed and go to the bathroom this morning. Luckily it was just a really, really bad dream. I'm thankful for even having a dream though because that means I got sleep!

I've been struggling with insomnia many nights with this pregnancy. The night before last I couldn't sleep AT ALL. It was so frustrating! Yesterday was such a busy day and by evening I was just worn right out! And I had to come home, make sure the kids were bathed and get them to bed! It was nice to crawl into bed at a decent hour and actually get some sleep! I was so thankful!

Ok, speaking of baby I'm really hungry so I better find me some food before I get too much hungrier. I've been puking, but not every day- not even every other day- thankfully! I certainly feel like I could a lot more often though. I hate being hungry but nothing sounds good- that's the worst.


Angie said...

So happy that you got to see your little one!! And Amazing picture!

And...the answer will come to you about c-section or not. Mostly it comes down to whatever is safest for you & baby. Sounds like you have an awesome doctor too!

Kim said...

Thats an awesome picture. As far as the C-section,you'll know whats best for you and thats all that matters, and Im sure God will give you peace of mind about what to do too. PTL for not puking everyday.I wish I was like that when I was prego. Hope you get some rest when Zach comes home

Amie said...

Love the u/s pic!

DDK23 said...

Like other people said the answer will come. I think I would have the same reaction you did when waking up from that dream.
I'll be praying for you:-)

Christine said...

I am so thrilled for you that you are expecting baby blessing #7! I am sorry about the puking; I know that is hard.