Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bad blogging mom!

I didn't get on my blog yesterday to wish Hannah a HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY!!!! How is it that my 'baby' is 10??? I remember that day like it was yesterday. I'm so thankful for the young lady Hannah is becoming- I couldn't ask for a better daughter! God has blessed us!

Here's how her birthday went down: She woke up and we ate breakfast and then she opened her gifts. She was excited to get new bedding from Nanny & Papa. We'd gone on Saturday when Zach was still in town and gotten her ears pierced with a $35 gift card to Claire's I'd given her. We also went to Bass Pro Shop and ate at their restaurant. I asked the waitress about birthdays and she said they normally don't do anything but she'd ask her manager. She came back with a sundae for Hannah and said the boss paid for it. That was SO nice!!! What a little treat! Anyway, back to yesterday...

The kids also watched TV, whatever Hannah wanted to watch. They also got to play outside. We ate lunch and then sang Happy Birthday and had cake. I picked up the babysitter to watch teh younger three and Hannah came to my first OB appointment with me. I was so excited to take her! When I was filling out a form that asked about your last period she read it and asked, "Does that mean like a period at the end of a sentence?" LOL I briefly reminded her what it was, because I've briefly told her about it before. So, we finally make it in the back and WOOHOO I get my ultrasound! It was such a relief to see the baby! The doctor gave the first picture to Hannah to keep! I thought that was so special! It was amazing how you could already see baby's arm and leg buds!

The appointment went well, I'll try to write more on that on another post. I had to go and get my blood drawn and while waiting Hannah asked me how babies get in mommy's bellies. Oh boy! Seriously!?! I was having a hard enough time with her turning 10, do I really have to explain that too! I told her the mommy and daddy sleep together and she asked, "Do they touch each other or what?" So, she's on the right track... I just need to find a time to sit and explain it all to her, I guess. Phew, my little girl is growing up!

I was so thankful Hannah was able to come to my appointment with me! It was so special! I hope she thought it was special also! After we brought the babysitter home we came home and the kids got to ride their scooters out front for awhile. They wanted their bikes but I wasn't about to try to haul them out of the shed! Then we went out for Chinese, per Hannah's request for her birthday dinner. I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle it but I just ate rice and ragoons! We came home and they played outside and watched some more TV. Hannah wanted to play with one of her friends but that didn't work out. We then went to Bible study where the 'babysitter' planned an Easter egg hunt for the kids. They all sure liked that! That was sweet of them to do that!

We then came home and had baths and went to bed. Then I went and lay in Hannah's bed with her and asked if she had a good birthday and prayed over her. She said she had a special day and I'm glad. I plan to try to have a birthday party for her on the 10th, just a little one.

Happy 10th birthday my big girl!!!


Kim said...

Thats Great! Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday. I know they are growing up so fast. I had Jesse come to me w/ curious question Im just not ready to answer Maybe Ill blog about his recent birds and the bees questions.

Amie said...

Sounds like a very special day.

DDK23 said...

I love that you took her to the appointment with her. That was very special!