Monday, April 26, 2010

Why don't I ever blog?

Our trip home was...stressful. It always is. I always say I'm not gonna do that again but of course I do! This time it was just that Zach & I were on two different pages with 'plans'. So that frustrated the crap out of me! It was nice to see my mom, though. I just wish we'd had more time together, at least alone. Since my stepdad is out of commission he was RIGHT there ALL the time! Everybody was happy to see us. We didn't travel an hour to see everyone, but people came to us and that helped w/stress! I was tired enough as it was! It was great seeing everyone we got to see, just wish we could've seen everyone!

It is so nice to be home. Nothing like going away to have you come home and feel good about your home! Although since I got here I've been sick. I haven't been taking Unisom at night, seeing if I could go without it (plus I didn't really want to take it when we were travelling because I didn't want to be overly tired). But yesterday we didn't eat on a normal schedule and I thought maybe that threw my off. By the time I'd eaten I was beyond hungry and then so sick. So as soon as I crawled into bed last night I had to run out because I got sick. This morning I awoke and had laundry started before 8:30 and was showered by 9! I was so thrilled, ready to tackle school and some other things. Well, I began to go downhill from there and felt so sick again. I did school from the couch and laid around all day. My stomach kept turning and feeling funny, I have no idea how I didn't get sick. Then as I was eating dinner (leftover spaghetti) I knew I was going to 'lose it'. Not fun at all! No idea why I'm so sick again but I'm going to start taking Unisom again! In Michigan I was getting to the point where I was craving things and everything sounded good. Not anymore! Boo!

Abby is just growing up. She was down to nursing once a night (at last) and the other night I paid attention if she was getting anything. She wasn't so I was just her pacifier so last night she got no 'boo' as she calls it. She only whined once for it. Last night she fell asleep in her own bed (with Hannah next to her) and awoke after 1 and I brought her into our bed. I was too tired/sick to try to get her back in her own bed and Zach wouldn't budge! Then today for her nap Hannah got her to sleep in her bed again!!! I think she's finally beginning to like her bed! I must admit though that I'm a bit sad that we'll never have that 'closeness' of nursing again. It's just such a special thing. Good thing I have another on the way! Now to get her sleeping through the night and in her own bed all night!!! She's so smart too. Copies everything. She eats like a pig now that she doesn't nurse- she'll eat anything from anyone! I'm thinking I may try to potty train her this summer. She's only 20 months but she's so smart and I normally can tell when she's about to poop. We'll see. She loves to give me kisses on the mouth, its so super sweet! She's beginning to 'sing' along to music! I love watching her discover new things every day. Oh and she LOVES puzzles!!!

Ok that's about all for now. I'm so tired.


WildCAT said...

That's so cute that Hannah can get Abby to sleep in her own bed! She's such a great big sister!

I am OK said...

Seriously, what a sweet big sis!

Family VK's are NEVER VK's. LOL. It is awesome that people came to see you and that you got to see your mom and Kim so much though. Remember the good parts and forget the rest, that way you'll want to go back next time! LOL

Kim said...

Thats gotta be so nice that Hannah helps out w/ Abby like that especially when you feel so sick. I bet it feels so great to have her weaned now. I know I felt like that after potty training Jalynn. Just a big accomphishment and to think I wouldnt have to do it again. Good luck potty training her. I though Jalynn would of been so much easier than the boys. SHe was at peeing but not the pooping, she was terrified. Thats crazy to think in 5 weeks youll have your US already. Its going fast already