Monday, April 19, 2010

We're so spontaneous

We decided on like Wednesday to go home to Michigan for a week, so here we are at 'home'. We got her Saturday and will only be here until Friday or Saturday. It will be short but good. I hadn't seen my mom since last summer when I was up here! She keeps wanting to come down to visit me but hasn't been able to with her nursing duties (my stepdad's broken ankle). I really hope she'll be able to make it down this summer when I'm home alone for 6 1/2 weeks. The kids sure love being in Michigan again. Not only do they get to see family but they have so much room to run around outside. And they don't mind the 'cold' like I do!

Yesterday we spent the day at Zach's dads. His sister and her family came up and we BBQ'd and had a good ol' time. We went out to Zach's Uncle Joey's house and he gave the kids a ride on a trailer on the back of his 4-wheeler and then they played in his pond looking for frogs, tadpoles and turtles. They had such a good time.

Well, I can't concentrate anymore on anything else I was going to say :) Too much commotion!


Kim said...

Glad you guys got to go home. How far away is it anyway? I bet the kids are enjoying it there so much. My kids are the same way when we go home to PA.

DDK23 said...

Keep having fun!

I am OK said...

How fun for the kids. I was wondering how you ended up in Michigan - LOL! Kids are so much fun on VK, hope the end of the week is just as enjoyable. Hope Kim get's better soon.