Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend we had! Well, I really don't remember Friday. I think I felt pretty sick that night. Oh yeah, we went to eat at Godfather's. It's one of the only sit down pizza places in our town- sad that pizza has become only a thing of delivery or carry-out! Afterwards we ran to Walmart because I needed a few things for Hannah's party. When I walked in the door I noticed little orange "Wet Floor" signs or something but didn't pay attention until the greeter guy said, "Don't look." Of course then you look...I saw puke. I felt pukey enough as it was! I made sure we left out the other door. And as soon as I got home I ran upstairs and lost my dinner! At least I didn't' do it in Walmart!

Saturday Zach took the boys fishing and I prepared for Hannah's party. She had 4 girls come over, which was a perfect number! We played the "Hannah game" where I asked questions about her from birth on up- a great way for the girls to get to know her! We then played a 'nail polish' game I found online. You spin the bottle of nail polish and whoever it lands on paints a nail that color, then they spin, etc so they end up w/different color painted nails. We did one hand for each girl and then they just painted the other hand whatever colors they wanted. Then we opened gifts- Hannah got some real nice gifts. It was time to decorate cupcakes. The girls had a blast putting their own icing on the cupcakes- piling it way high! They were like, "This is a once in a lifetime chance!" Haha After the cake and ice cream we planted some seeds for them to take home. Then they had about 20 minutes to play. I had most of the party outside and didn't even get the house messy! It was perfect! Parties for 10 year old girls are way easier than for littler kids or even boys! I guess the boys didn't catch one fish- in 4 hours of fishing! At least they got out and had some fun! I was pretty beat after the party so Zach, Abby and I took a nap while the older kids watched a movie.

Today we went to the early service at church. I really like going to that service because then we have the whole rest of the day free! Although today we were like, "What are we going to do?" It was decent weather outside so we knew we wanted to do something. Abby wouldn't nap so I suggested we just go for a ride and maybe she'd sleep. We drove through some areas of Ankeny we've never been through before. Then Zach said he'd take the kids to Petsmart to see the animals so I ventured to Kohl's which is in the same shopping plaza! I wanted to find a spring/summer coat since I don't really have a decent/nice one. Plus I had $10 in Kohl's cash to use. I found a nice coat, a shirt for myself and a white onesie for Abby. She's got a few denim jumpers and I didn't have anything to wear under them so I thought that was perfect. I really could have spent much more money, looking at all the baby clothes and stuff! Afterwards we came home and the kids played in the backyard. I took Abby in the front to ride her bike and she saw our neighbors on the corner out with their slide and jump house so she started heading that way! It was nice to visit with them again- I haven't seen them since fall! Abby had fun playing (their little boy is exactly 2 weeks younger than her). It is so nice to be able to hang out outside, I just wish the wind wouldn't blow so much! Yesterday was supposed to be about 70 but it wasn't that warm at all and with the wind felt even cooler.

I've been weaning Abby. She doesn't' nurse at all during the day and there's been a night or two I haven't nursed her before she fell asleep. I try to put her in her room to go to sleep but sometimes its difficult if I don't feel well. Last night I didn't nurse her, she fell asleep in her room and once she woke up I think she only nursed maybe two times during the night, so I think she's finally getting it! I feel bad because she's so cute when she asks for it or tries to get in my shirt! Hopefully she'll be weaned soon and start sleeping through the night and then in her own bed! My goal is to have her in her own bed all night before Zach's gone this summer.

She has to do whatever her siblings do. If they eat, she has to be sitting eating also. The other day they went to play in the basement and she normally doesn't ask to go down there, but she begged to go down. It is not finished and there are many toys for her to play with down there but there's also some that are too little for her. So I had Hannah watch and play with her while I cleaned up from lunch. If the kids go outside Abby has to go outside. And every time she goes outside she goes to the basement door until we get her shoes and to the closet for her jacket. Smart girl! The other night at Godfather's she was so super cute. These teen boys sat at a booth across from us and she kept looking back at them and smiling. The one boy finally noticed her and smiled back. She started waving and saying, "Hi" and she'd look at us and laugh about it! It was so cute how she was flirting with him! When we left I told her to give him a hug and she went to put her head on his leg to 'hug' him but then hit her head on the table and got freaked out! It was so funny though!

Well, speaking of Abby she's finally napping on me and my arm is killing so I better get off. Plus Hannah's been begging me to see which clothes of hers don't fit her so it's time to go through her clothes!


Kim said...

That nail polish game sounds really neat. O how gross just what you want to see, someone elses puke. I use to only eat food that I knew wouldnt be so bad coming backup becuase I knew it was gonna come back up. I tried avoiding things w/ sauce because it seemed to burn my throat, Oh boy got me sick thinking about Thats good Abby is getting better at the weaning, it will come. How cute she wants to be w/ the big kids all the time. Thats cute she was flirting w/ that boy.

I am OK said...

You guys certainly don't let four and a half kids slow you down. :P) You might want to stay away from Walmart though!

Glad H's party went well. Sounds like it was really cute.