Monday, November 02, 2009

Manic Monday

So apparently back 'home' all the schools are closing due to the swine flu. Lovely. I hope my family all stay healthy! They're not in school but good still use good health:)

Speaking of flu, I am not feeling like myself. All of a sudden last night I got nauseous, dizzy and just didn't feel right. I laid here on the couch with my eyes closed trying not to move. I thought I was going to lose my dinner and was doing all I could to keep it in. Finally, after maybe 1/2 hour the worst of feeling like that passed. I took my med's I'm on, some Tylenol and headed up to bed. I ended up reading up there and felt alright. Still not 100%, but not how I had felt at first. And today too I feel not quite 'right'. I'm so thankful I don't have the swine flu but it is very difficult trying to take care of kids when you feel off. I was just up to put clothes in the washer/dryer, print some papers and do a few other things and I'm starting to feel dizzy again.

We had a good weekend. I can't even remember what we did! Oh yeah, Saturday I took the girls shopping. At Kohl's I got Chatterbox 2 shirts and myself a shirt and only had to pay $11! Then we went to Bath & Body Works. All I needed was hand soap and it was on sale for $3! I bought tons! That afternoon I had a Mary Kay 'class'. I think that was the same day I ended up giving Zach his Christmas gift. See, Friday night my aunt was online asking him what game I got. She didn't know it was for him or for Christmas. So he came up to bed and asked me what game I got him! I just decided to give it to him that afternoon then. It's American Idol. He loves to karaoke so I thought he'd like it. We all had fun with it Saturday night! I should try to sing again:) haha

Sunday we went to the early church service. We were home by 10:30 and it was so nice to have the whole day free! I had two dinners to make because my neighbor had surgery on Thursday so I wanted to make them a meal. Zach had to 'go to work' because he had to meet the new 'troop'. Other than that I don't think anything too exciting happened (if you can call all that exciting).

This morning my poor little Sweet Pea woke up with some sort of bite on her face. What on earth!?! She sleeps in my bed so I have no idea what bit her. It's weird. But it doesn't seem to bother her at all, she's happy as ever, walking around, digging in cupboards, making a mess. But I love to see her play around and explore! Boy, they grow up so fast, don't they? Oh yeah, Saturday morning when we were going to leave I was saying, "Bye, bye" and I swear she said, "Bye Dada." It was soooo cute!!!

Ok, enough for now. Hope I'm not boring my whole 3 readers to pieces with my updates...


WildCAT said...

You didn't bore me! =) It's nice to catch up on your life since I haven't talked to you in forever! LOL! =) As far as the bite Abby was probably from Zach. ;) Maybe you're really married to a vampire and you just don't know it...(can you tell I have the premiere of 'New Moon' on my mind??).

You guys, Genny and Tim and us should all find babysitters for a night and go do karaoke. I won't sing but I love the music and watching other people do it! =) There's a restaurant down there that has it on Thurs. nights. That would be so fun!

Kim said...

Glad you are feeling a little better. I love Kohls. Thats one of my fav stores just because you can get some nice clothes and their prices are great. Never had one In MInot and of course there is not a Kohls here either. That stinks your AUnt let the cat out of the bag, oh well at least you had some entertainment for the weekend.