Monday, August 24, 2009


The party went real well. We had 4 other children here, so when you factor that in with my 4 it was just the right number! The kids played kickball, had a water balloon toss, ate cake and ice cream, opened gifts and played. Everybody was great and got along great. I managed to get everything done I needed to and actually was relaxed during the party! Thank you to those who came to celebrate with us and make the day a special one! It is so hard to believe how much my babies are growing. We went to McDonald's and were going to let the kids play there but realized that we didn't have socks so we took the food to a park. I got some awesome pictures there. Sweet Pea sure loves the slide! She eventually conked out last night! Oh boy, did she ever dig into her cake too! She didn't hesitate in the least about it but just dove in. It was really cute! Guess she'll have a sweet tooth like her mama. Today I'm trying to clean the house a bit but also want to spend time loving my children and playing with them. Since we did so much celebrating yesterday we probably won't do a whole lot today. Happy birthday to my boy!


Kim said...

Happy B-Day BS. Sounds like a really great party. Can't wait to see pics. I just love 1st bday's to see the baby's reaction to what they do w/ their cake.

I am OK said...

Happy Birthday little ones!

SO glad their party went well.