Saturday, August 15, 2009

go figure...

So we didn't get to enjoy the deck too much today. We did manage to eat dinner out there before more rain came through. Of course Zach couldn't get the grill started so I was stuck cooking on the indoor grill:( Nothing like more work!

I forgot to mention that I got the sweetest thank you letter from my cousin Emily that stayed with me. I felt like I wasn't the best example that I could've been, ya know? Yelling at my kids, my kids not exactly obeying well...but obviously God was still able to work through it! She said how she's been reading her Bible every day, how she's made life goals and how she's not as afraid of babies. It's so cool! Thank you Jesus!

So I ended up running to Hobby Lobby and the mall to get what I needed for making our timeline for history. I was able to go to Bath & Body Works and save $ and share a coupon I had with a lady (I had 3 of the same one).

Tonight Sweet Pea was a bit overtired, to say the least. The past couple of nights she and I have fun crawling around together, 'chasing' each other. We were both cracking up! I love it! She's at such a fun stage, learning how to be more playful and such.

Wow, two posts in one day! Amazing! Oh and I plan to get pictures of the deck when it quits raining! Now we'll just have to see if blogger allows me to post them!

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Anonymous said...

We are all just parents.
Can't be perfect:)
I wish I could be sometimes but then the bible says there is only one who is good:)
Love that age too - Noah is crawling and pulling up now and he is only 7 months. Look like I might have another early walker on my hands....Gina