Saturday, August 22, 2009

party planning

Wow, it took about 4 hours to shop this morning! I had birthday presents to buy (from us and my mom, who sent money), party supplies to get and more! Insane! I feel like I spent way too much money, but my mom had a good point- it was for 2 children not just 1! I took the girls with me. We had lunch at Culver's. Yum.

I attempted to get all of the gifts wrapped and hope to decorate once the kiddos are in bed. We were going to go to 'The Bash' tonight. I was really looking forward to going. I had gotten a card back in July at the Summerfest parade about it. We did a drive-by and it didn't look like what I'd imagined. It had said something about games and I thought like virtual type games, plus I knew it was a Christian concert. I didn't see any games. They were supposed to have free food but I didn't see that. I saw a bunch of teens skateboarding. So we went out for pizza instead. Zach didn't get to try this pizza place I took the kids to when he was gone called Wig and Pen so I said let's go there. Oh yum! ONE piece of pizza FILLS you up! Although now that we're home again somebody is digging into the leftovers already! Piggy! I hate the service there though, its just not the best. But you can't deny that the pizza is the best ever. I was pretty bummed about The Bash turning out to be The Dud.

Speaking of bashes, tomorrow is the 'big' birthday party. As far as I know only two families are coming, with is 4 extra children. It's nice that its not a huge crowd yet at the same time I think back to Chatterbox's and Junior Squirrel's first birthdays and the huge parties they had. Booty Shaker didn't have a great turnout either as everybody was preparing and evacuating for Hurricane Katrina then. Oh well, we'll still have a great time! And I will be glad when it's all over- parties, no matter how small can be such work!


Kim said...

When are you having the parties? That sounds like enough kids. Too many kids can get crazy. I feel bad for my kids they dont get b-day parties w/ kids coming over.They haven't had a b-day party in probably 6-7 years. Have fun at your party. Hope it all goes well

I am OK said...

Have fun with the parties. We have only ever had one home party for C for his first. I have a feeling that becuase this year he'll be in school we'll have to do something a little bigger than the family at Chuck-e-Cheese.

Have fun!

Darlene said...

Don't forget you had a party every year:) It is not so bad since it is only once a year. Poor kids.