Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Maybe one day I'll learn to shop alone. This, of course, is difficult with four young children. Maybe I should've learned after my last fiasco when I was dress shopping for myself at Kohl's. My mom bought the kids some clothes and I wanted to try to get Sweet Pea's dresses in a size larger so thought I'd venture to Kohl's. Not alone but with my little ones along. Uh! The girls were good but the boys were just rambunctious. I am exhausted from that little trip! I'm pretty bummed that the particular dresses SP had didn't come in any larger sizes. I could have gotten a different dress but I wanted to get the same ones my mom had gotten her. So I guess I better just wear them on her and pray the weather warms up so she can wear the more summery one. Boy I wish I had oodles of money to spend at that place! Such cute girl clothes, for both baby and Chatterbox. I can't ever find much for my boys though. SP's up, gotta run. Maybe a rest on the couch is in order!


Darlene said...

Be sure to take pics of her when she wears them. I want to see how cute they look on that beautiful girl! Love you A.

Shari said...

Ugh, I think the other way. I always wish I had boys and never find anything for my girls.

Kim said...

Kohls is my favorite store. I am going clothes shopping for myself tomorrow and like you I have to take all the kids with me. I hope they are good. Boys always seem to be the ones who act up more. I remember one time when JJ was about 2 he threw a fit in walmart and grabbed my glasses off my face and tossed them, so there I was blind as a bat crawling on the floor looking for them. THen One time when we were back home in PA, Jarrett threw a fit at walmart for a stupid star wars toy, everyone was looking and he continued out in the parking lot. One lady who was walking in the store stopped and watched me like I was killing my kid. That made me so mad. I hate when people stare at you when your kid is acting up like your a bad parent or something.