Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hump day

Is it seriously Wednesday already? Boy, does time fly! This morning I had a pleasant surprise- a voicemail from my Aunt Cindy. I called her back and found out that she's going to visit me- THIS weekend while on her way back to Michigan from Florida! I am SO excited! So are the kids. It's always nice when she comes for a visit and it really means a lot to me!

Today we didn't finish school until much later but that was totally ok. I guess I just resigned myself to it and it wasn't so stressful. And after breakfast we had done chores before we began school so that took some time away from when we'd normally be schooling. It really wasn't a bad day. I think the most problems I had were with Junior Squirrel not being kind to his brother. His attitude has stunk lately but we're working on it. He's the one who doesn't do well with changes so it may partly stem from Daddy being gone.

I clipped out the garage sales from the paper. There are 30 sales!!!! WOW! Tonight I'm going to go through it and mark what days and times they are and then try to plan the best route to each...last time I felt like I was driving all over (its hard when you don't know the town completely well). I am PUMPED! I don't really need anything at all but if I can find clothes for the kids for cheap I'm a happy mama. Especially if down the road they prevent garage sales and such.

Dinner's just about finished. I'm attempting to feed Sweet Pea sweet potatoes and oh the faces she's making! Too funny!


Kim said...

Oh how great you're Aunt is going to visit you. That should break up some of the time for you. 3o GS's oh you'll be in heaven with that many. Wish I was there w/ you to go sale-ing.

cindy said...

you can mapquest each sale to see where it is located also. See ya soon.

Darlene said...

be careful going to these with the swine flu, we have a team members spouse located in westport ct that has those symptoms and the guy has not been in to work since Monday. Talk is now that is came from terrorists and it could be easy to believe that.

Amie said...

That's awesome that your aunt is going to come visit you. I'm sure it will be a welcome break and help pass a few days quickly.