Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another day down

Yesterday was a pretty good day. After I watched my friends kiddos we went to IhOP for lunch. It was 'kids eat free' day so we made out (though I still couldn't believe how much I paid)! It was nice to get out and visit a bit. I ran some errands and came home. For dinner another friend had invited me to her house for dinner since her hubby was out of town too. It was a great night of fellowshipping with them.

We came home and I put the kiddos to bed. They wanted to listen to music as they fell asleep so I let them listen to one of their Jesus CDs. They went to sleep so well! I stayed up and watched 'Nights in Rodanthe' (the book is much better of course). Here I thought maybe the music helped them go to sleep well so I allowed them to do the same thing tonight. An hour and a half later they're STILL not asleep! Are you kidding me???? Can I get a BREAK at night!?!? lol

This morning we had a real good Bible time. We read about Paul and his last visit to Ephesus. We talked about how he wasn't afraid to die and the kids couldn't believe that. They had all sorts of questions and I answered what I could and told them I didn't know for the others (most were about heaven). It was just awesome to have such a conversation!

We did school and then I ran out and tried to find a stroller. I went to 3 or 4 different thrift stores and not one had a stroller! I had even looked online for ads and such. Nothing. So I finally succumbed to getting a brand new one at Babies "R" Us. This is the one I went with. It is way more than I wanted to pay but I love it. I tested quite a few of the cheaper ones but they were just too cheap. I've had cheap strollers. One thing I like about this as opposed to other umbrella strollers I've had is that the handles aren't real low. Being tall, I've always had to hunch over to push a stroller! I also managed to get Junior Squirrel a pair of church shoes and sandals and a few other things (from thrift stores).

I love that we have so much going on while Zach is gone. My calendar is just filling up so quickly. We have a Little House on the Prairie play, a field trip to a farm, a 'tour' of our new police station, and I'm not even sure what else! We're pretty excited that its supposed to get in the 80s at the end of the week. It's hard to believe that they're being hit with tons of snow at home in Michigan! Yuck!!!

Tomorrow is 'Earth Day'. I'm not a huge proponent of such a day (I think we need to care for God's creation but don't necessarily agree w/all the 'tree huggers'). Our local Botanical Center has free admission tomorrow so I'm going to take the kids! I'm just hoping I can maybe snap some good pictures of them while there! I've never gone to a 'botanical center'. I just hope my boys aren't too wild. Lately whenever I take them anywhere they've been wild! I think my baby-sitter and her mom are going to come along so that will be fun (and help me out)!

Ok, I've got to go through my newspaper before I head to bed so I better get off and do it. I'm also hungry so I think a snack is in order. As good as Turkey Wraps and Turkey Pitas were for lunch and dinner today they're just not the most filling food.


Becki said...

Keeping busy. I need to remember that. Paul will be gone all of June and 3 weeks of August!

Kim said...

WOW, you busy woman you. All that stuff you mentioned about doing sounds fun, and should make time go fast for you. Sometimes you just have to pay that extra money and get what you really need an d a good quality (the stroller). Jess has the same problem w/ our stroller, he feels like he has to hunch over to walk just to hold onto the handles. Us shorter people dont seem to have that problem ;)

I am OK said...

I can't stand Earth Day and am a big opponet to it. Hard to believe huh? I agree with you, we should always take care of Gods creations! Plus Earth Day was created by a murder name Ira Einhorn ( I am sure I spelled that wrong) - so celbrating it just seems wrong. So.... of my soap box...

You sound like a busy mom. hich, is great when your husband is gone.

I so agree with your stoller issue! I think someone needs to invent extension arms for all stollers. LOL