Friday, April 03, 2009

ah ha

So maybe part of my problem is the lack of warm weather. I lived in the south for 6 years. I've recently been thinking about how we rarely had to wear pants down there. My kids' pants now have holes in the knees and are getting too small. I keep thinking I can put off getting new ones since summer is around the corner. Then I remind myself I'm not in the south but in Iowa. Where it's cold. And won't be warm for awhile. Even Sweet Pea doesn't have a lot of warmer clothes, rather she's got quite a bit of dresses and summery type of clothes. I miss warm weather! Weird to think I miss something of that place I used to live, but more and more as I think on things there are things I miss. I really miss our house we owned there more than I ever thought I would. I wish we still lived in it! I think I liked it better than I like this house! Anyway, I'm sure the cold days don't help my happiness;) Just a thought! I hope they come soon though, not only for me to be a little happier but so little miss Sweet Pea can wear her cute clothes!


Anonymous said...

I am so tired of cold and snow I just can't tell you! Noah doesn't even own summer clothes yet. And I still have 21 months till we PCS - can you tell I am counting??
Be Cheerful - Spring has almost sprung:)

Kim said...

Warm weather is around the corner. Although cold weather and snow has seemed to linger longer this year I think. I can't wait till warmer weather so we can put all those cold weather clothes and coats away. Its time to change, only if Mother Nature would get w/ the program.

I am OK said...

The weather has to get warmer soon! We were lucky enough to have a nice one today. But still it was 67 and with a light breeze and people were in tanks and shorts! They must have felt like you - ready for warm weather no matter how slight LOL.