Friday, April 03, 2009


I am just in a rut. A serious rut. I feel stuck. I'm so ____ (I don't know the word). I just want to see change in my life. I want to be happy again. Then today the state of Iowa ruled that same-sex marriage is OK. Sick. I sure hope some gay couple doesn't move down the street like happened in Mississippi! This world is so close to hell. I wish the Lord would just take us up in His glory. It would end the sick, perverse things of the world as well as my funky mood. Well, the baby needs me.


Darlene said...

Cheer up - God's judgement will come upon them.

Kim said...

Geez hope you feel better. No need to be in the dumps, Look around you at all your belssings, starting with your kids, they always bring you happiness and a smile to your face. It is definitely sad what this world is coming to. Like your mom said God will judge them.

I am OK said...

Kim is right! Look to the babes for inspiration, and you will find the happiness you need. Ruts stink! The wrorse thing about them is once your in one, the walls get higher and higher if you don't pull your self out fast enough. Don't be mad at gays, they need peace too - be a servant of God through Love, it is much easier.