Sunday, April 26, 2009

soakin' sunday

It is WET out there! Don't have to worry about if the grass will be green but I do need to wonder what I'll do about the weeds growing (weeds when it SHOULD be grass). Which is rather annoying...$700-800 worth of sod and our yard is the worst looking on our street...only because that sod was planted in the dead of summer (and it was hard for me to constantly get out and water it when I was dealing w/kidney stones). I want green grass and a yard that looks nice!!!

I wasn't sure if we'd make church or not today. Last night as I went to bed I thought we wouldn't. We're supposed to get wind and thunderstorms, some of which could be severe so I thought we'd just stay home. We didn't get up until like 8:15 this morning (that rarely happens these days) so we never would've made it to church. But with Zach gone I've been thinking of finding something a bit closer. I don't want to always try to rush out the door with 4 kids and drive the 40 minutes to church! It's just tough! Well, I thought how nice it would be to stay home today and do nothing. But then I thought of all the running I did during the past week and didn't feel right skipping church. So we went to a church near us that a friend of mine goes to. And it was GOOD!!! You see, how do you go to a new church with 4 kids??? We don't put our kids in the nursery or children's programs so I was a bit concerned. But the kids were awesome. Sweet Pea fell asleep and the others listened or were at least quiet. And the singing and sermon were great- just what I needed. I'm so glad I went!!!

This weather is so weird. Been raining and thundering and lightning. Hailing. Now its calm but I'm sure its not over. Looks bright out again, but you can't see the sun. Weird. And its humid in my house but I refuse to turn on the AC. Friday was sooooooooo warm and wonderful, yesterday was chilly and today the temp. is decent. Crazy. I didn't sleep well last night with the weird weather (I kept being awakened by the thunder and hail). Then Sweet Pea kept waking up for some reason.

Here's some stray thoughts going through my mind lately:

  • About a month ago I went to Movie Gallery and rented a Wii game. They tried to get me to buy into their special rental program but I told them we rarely rent and that we've been using Redbox. The lady told me that Redbox is going to be increasing their prices. I swear she was just saying that because still you can rent a movie for .99$. I'm just a bit irritated by that.
  • I was looking online at the Disney specials for military. It is amazing you can do Disney free! I've never been there. I looked and its only like $138 to fly from Des Moines to Orlando. That is so super cheap. I called to tell Zach about it but he's so anti-flying he said if we went to Florida he'd want us to drive. Whatever! It's so much easier flying! He can drive but I'll fly:) I love to fly!
  • In regards to the weeds I mentioned above I need to see about somebody mowing our lawn while Zach's away (or else I guess I could get the babysitter to watch the kids so I could do it). All these things to think about when a man's not around!
  • Earlier there was the biggest clap of thunder and Daisy jumped so high! It was so funny!
  • Sweet Pea sits so well. She'll just sit there and play. I stuck all her little toys around her and she had fun picking them up and chewing on them, putting them down and picking another, etc. Her two bottom teeth sure make her smile look different!
  • I am tired. I keep trying to finish Pride & Prejudice. It's taking me forever to read it. I think once I finish it I'm going to treat myself to a book (there's a couple of new Karen Kingsbury ones out that I haven't gotten yet).


I am OK said...

I like your bullet point thoughts - maybe if I did that my posts would be sooooooooo looooooonnnnnnggggggg. LOL.

Darlene said...

Put some seed in your lawn. If only that was taken care of in the beginning it would be okay. And it was not your job to take care of it! It is a man's job:)

Kim said...

Your mom is right about the lawn being a man's job, but if us woman wait around for men to do it,it will never get done. I'm no yard expert, but yeah maybe buy some seed and I don't know maybe fertilizer. I hate when places try top "sucker" you in to buying things you don't want. That is so annoying. Everytime I go to Sears or Jcpenney they always give the whole spill about opening a card with them. I ahte it, why can't they just let people get what they want without hassling them. How nice you got to try out a new church that was close and that you really liked. It was yucky here yesterday too, rainy overcast, just a BLAH day. I watched the weather, no nice weather in sight.