Thursday, April 16, 2009

squared away

Why is it that planning a 'vacation' can be so stressful and so much work? Normally when we go home its not a problem, but the past few times things have come up that make planning so difficult. And it all falls on my shoulders. So while I try to school two kids, I have a neglected baby, a hyper boy running around and I'm trying to make arrangements to go home! Did I sign up for all this!?!? It's like we keep running into walls on this one.

So, we'll stay here the first week and then go to Iron River the second week and spend it with Zach's sister. After that Zach will have to come back here to leave for AL/MS and I will stay up there, more than likely, until the 4th of July. I'll probably stay with my mom but I hope to venture up further north and maybe stay with some family up there. I also hope to make it to Marquette (the town I went to college in) to visit with friends there. A busy month it will be, but a fun one indeed! I'm also trying to get my little cousin to come and visit me here in Iowa for a bit. I really hope that will work out, it would be fun having her here.

So I feel a bit of the stress lifted off of my shoulders in having this planned out. Now to worry about what to do with the dog in our 'non-pet-friendly' accommodations!


Shari said...

Well, let me know when you will be in Marquette. The kids would have a blast together. I'm off all summer!!! Unless Todd talks me into teaching summer school so I can buy myself a wonderful new camera.

Kim said...

SO when are you planning on going? Sounds like you will be so busy. I know it can be so stressful, but things will fall into place.

Becca said...

we may be heading north after Pete's brother gets married in Detroit June 27th...not sure but we're sort of planning to head to the UP for the 4th....we should try to hook up again. It's been 2+ years already!