Monday, May 09, 2011

A funny

OK, I just finished reading my friend Sadie's blog.  I love how she posts funny things about her kids.  My friend Jamie also cracks me up.  Anyway, I need to get back to posting funnies about my kids!  So here's one for you:

Abby pretty much always says, "My butt hurts."  I don't think it always hurts, I just think she likes to say it, although she usually says it about the time she's going to poop or has pooped.  Anyway, yesterday we were sitting outside and she was hanging all over me and she said, "Butt hurts" again.  I either asked her if her butt hurt or said my butt hurts too (sometimes I will reply that mine hurts too to see what she says, and let's face it- I am pregnant and sometimes it DOES hurt)!  She proceeded to pry herself off of me and was lifting up my shirt in back.  I was a bit confused until she tried to move my pants away from my body to look down them- to see if my butt really did hurt!!!  I still laugh pretty hard about it! 

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I am OK said...

LOL -Love it!