Sunday, March 07, 2010

God's Voice

I love when God speaks, don't you? Last night we had Zach's Dining Out. I was dreading it for so many reasons for a really long time. I love being a military wife. Take me to a base picnic any day. I'll even go to a Christmas party. But the more 'formal' type things just aren't my style! Good thing Zach isn't an officer or we'd be having to do them a lot more often, probably! When we got there Zach had to use the restroom so I stood outside of it and just prayed for God to give me a good attitude. We arrived later than we were supposed to (they wanted us there at 5 sharp for the 'social hour'). Those are the things that make me nervous...schmoozing with the 'big guys'. Anyway, we were way later than that and didn't have much time to socialize! And God really heard my prayer because I had a really good attitude and enjoyed myself. Definitely not something I want to do, but at least I can say I had a decent time. Maybe because we had some decent company at our table this year (last year, for the whole 1/2 hour I was there there wasn't really anybody at our table to talk to).

Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked in my brain when the speaker was speaking! I wondered how my children were and was missing them. Isn't it funny how I crave time away from them when I'm with them, but when I'm away from them I miss them? I don't miss them or wonder about them as much when Zach is with them, but when somebody else watches them I wonder more. Anyway, as I sat thinking about them God quietly whispered to me. You see, lately it seems I see or hear of more and more people taking little trips away from their children (whether alone or with their spouse). And I become quite envious of that. I want to get away! I want a trip away with hubby! Or people will tell me how I need a break, some time away. Zach is SO GOOD about giving me time away when I need it. He's wonderful about staying home and helping with the kids while I go to a Mom's night or shopping or whatever to get out for a few hours. And that is all I need! Something I just thought of, the book I picked up a while back but haven't had much of a chance to get in to yet talks about this very thing, but I haven't read this chapter yet. Well, until last night.

God really spoke about how He created me to be my children's mother. To be with them, nurture and care for them. That is what He has called me to do- it is my high calling. I knew this of course, but it was so nice to have that still small reminder from Him! Normally I get these little glimpses and reminders from Above Rubies retreats and magazines. And isn't it funny that I got my magazines Friday but haven't had time to read them? They always encourage me in my walk with God and in my role as a wife and mother. I am SO BLESSED to have 4 beautiful children! Thank you, Jesus, for the sweet reminder! I don't need a ticket out of here. I need to immerse myself in God and my family and give myself fully to them!


Amie said...

I've noticed the more parents get away from their children, the more often they feel they "need" to get away from them. If that makes sense LOL

I totally agree with your last sentence. Great post!

Kim said...

Thats so nice you were able to get out and really enjoy yourself and the little break. I know when I go out shopping just for that little while, I really seem to enjoy my children when I get home

I am OK said...

I was just studying Luke today and praying about being trustworthy. I related this parable to not always being completely worthy of all I have. If I can't take care of my family with out grumbling or complaining how is God going to continue to bless me? It is just a nice reminder that we are on the path we are suppose to be on and we should cherish that.

I love this post. It is very convicting and encouraging. Thanks Jamie.