Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Glad THAT is over for a year, or until I get pregnant again! I had my 'yearly' doctor visit today. I always find it a bit awkward how a doctor can talk about such little things (I was talking about Hannah, he was talking about his oldest, a 2nd grader) while doing an exam. I suppose he just tries to make people feel comfortable but it strikes me as funny. Then he said something about 'all these little bruises' and I'm thinking at first he means down there, only to realize he's talking about my legs! I told him I always have bruises on my legs, always have! But what are you supposed to think when he's examining parts that just shouldn't be examined!?!?

I must say though, that he is such a good doctor. So personable and friendly. He doesn't try to rush you out of his office, but talks and listens. And I've seen him all of 4 times now (the last time being when Abby was 6 weeks old) and he seriously seems like he remembers me!


Kim said...

Oh that dreaded visit. I have been putting that off and off. I need to go too. It is awkward when they talk to you, but at least he was friendly.

WildCAT said...

Do you really want him to remember you...?? LOL! Just kidding! It's nice to have a good/nice doctor for stuff like that!!

I am OK said...

Yup, been there ... LOTS. Once my dentist in California started talking to me about building a plane in his garage. I was getting a filling so my part of the conversation was null and void. A few weeks later I went for my yearly pap and the women was talking about her neighbor who is building a plane in his garage. I just started cracking up and said "yeah, my dentist." so we talked about him for the remainder of the "examination"