Friday, October 19, 2007

We are 1 out of 200

houses to be struck by lightning a year. That's right. Yesterday evening our house was struck by lightning. I was upstairs and all of a sudden saw a blue flash behind me and heard a static type of noise. It freaked me out and I jumped so high! The rest of the family was downstairs where they saw the TV spark, make a fizzle noise and turn off. Our TV was struck by lightning! I guess the kids pretty much jumped in Zach's lap they were so freaked out. Funny thing, it turns on and you can see a picture you just can't get sound and the color is funny.

Then, go figure, our modem must have gotten struck too. Even though its connected in a totally different area. It was off to Walmart this morning for Zach to buy these new items. I'm going to call our insurance about it and see what they say. Hopefully we can get some money back for our purchases.

Then, six miles from our house there was a tornado yesterday morning. I'd had NO idea it was that stormy! So last night when it was storming like crazy I couldn't sleep for fear of tornadoes (I'm paranoid like that). It has been weird and wet and stormy here. Although now the sun is starting to shine. So next time lightning strikes I'll be sure to unplug the important things! And you all should too because if it can happen to us it can happen to you!


Aduladi' said...

We had it strike three doors down. Mr. Clean is a firefighter and obviously got there first, but had no truck nor back-up and could not do much, LOL!

It started a fire inside the wall and Mr. Clean said that fire was shooting out of one of the electrical sockets. Fortunately not too much damage was done!

I am really glad that you all are alright although I can't even imagine how scary that must have been!!

Wethyb said...

Wow! Glad you're all okay! We had some severe weather last night too, except nothing like what the middle of the state was getting.

paige said...

Our across the street neighbour's house was struck a few years ago... It affected some things & then not others... It was strange (they had black marks on the outside of some outlets & not others). That would've been freaky for the kiddos! i hope insurance covers your costs too!! Get an electrician to check out your wiring too!

Amie said...


We had severe weather last night too. A man near TC actually died last night in a tornado! I had to do a double take when I saw the news.

Risa said...

We were 1 of 200 too earlier this summer before we moved from IN - in that big storm we had just before we moved! We lost 2 TV's and our DVR slowed down considerably...thankfully it was only days before we moved or we would have had to pay to get the DVR fixed. We just sent it back the way it was.

My mom called their home owners insurance about their 2 TV's, which were old and actually on their last legs anyway, and they were going to give them almost $1,000 to replace the damaged units! She was floored! So they got a 32 in. HD flat screen and then a smaller on for the bedroom.

I'd definitely take advantage of that with your insurance...they say that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice!

Jodie said...

Wow - that's amazing. In a very bad way. Glad you weren't hurt.