Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Funnies in our House

When 'quizzing' the kiddos the other day on some Bible knowledge while in the car...

Mommy, "Cuddly Boy, who was Jesus' mommy?"

CB, thinking for a second, "Mama!"

Mommy chuckles and agrees and then says, "Was his mommy Sarah or Mary?"

CB thinks on this for a while and answers, "Jamie!" proud as can be!!!
Yesterday Little Man had some quality time with Daddy and went fishing. When they came home I asked him about his excursion. He begins telling me how he caught this fish (Zach had shared with me on the phone before they came home how they didn't catch any fish). Apparently Little Man was referring to the minnow he used!
Princess still sometimes thinks our church is called John the Baptist Church! I think she hears the term Baptist and automatically thinks of John the Baptist!

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Amie said...

ROFL :D Sweet kids.