Friday, October 19, 2007

Another History Lesson...

Yesterday we talked about the Early Egyptians in History. It just baffles me that they thought they could take possessions with them in the 'afterlife'. The kiddos really enjoyed pretending they were kings and queens and mummifying their stuffed animals!

Then, since Little Man was the last to mummify his dog, he was turned into a mummy!

It was pretty funny and he even enjoyed freeing himself! Then they all had fun with the toilet paper all over the floor, especially Cuddly Boy!


Beth said...


Sounds like your kids are learning and having fun while doing it! That's the way to do school in my opinion. Enjoy them- they grow much too fast.


Amie said...


The Children's museum in Indianapolis has the coolest Egyptian mummy exhibit. It was my favorite exhibit.

Jodie said...