Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Breezes

The weather here lately has been beautiful. I've actually been able to open my windows during the day to have a nice breeze flow through the house! I love it. Opening windows is something that rarely happens down south it seems. Today we took our reading outdoors. We're reading Stuart Little and I'm also reading A Hive of Busy Bees to the kiddos. Princess also reads to me from Abeka readers that were given to us. We are really enjoying this book as it gives a story but also incorporates a character trait. I must admit that I've never read Stuart Little before and I'm thoroughly enjoying that too.

Yesterday we didn't do a whole lot of school. I changed around the living room, we did some school, we went to the library and came home and did a bit more school. We hadn't been to the library in some time. I got quite a bit of videos for the kiddos. I normally never get them videos so thought they'd get a little treat. Right now they're watching Veggie Tales. Larry sure cracks me up. I cleaned last night. This place was so dusty!

We've all been sneezing a bit here and there. My throat is a bit scratchy. I'm assuming its allergies since it hasn't progressed much.

It seems all around me people are having babies or getting pregnant. And I'm happy for them, but lately it really bothers me. I guess because my 'baby' is 3 years old! I really miss not having my own little teeny baby to hold. I feel like I 'should' have one by now! And I know it is all in God's timing. But when you've lost a baby (or two) you feel an emptiness in your family.

Princess is FINALLY getting her front teeth in! I'm telling you she has been toothless for at least 7 months! It was crazy and I was really beginning to worry. But right before their dentist appointment those teeth began to poke through. I was tired of looking at the gums but it is weird seeing teeth coming in! She's going to look like a totally different Princess!


Amie said...

Isaac had the same thing with one of his top teeth. Just when I was going to call the dentist, it finally broke through.

We're kind of on opposite situations regarding babies. I've never had a 3 year old baby, but the idea of it is growing on me (if that makes sense).

Mom said...

Could your sneezing be from open windows and polon of some sort getting in.
It will be different to see her with teeth in front!
I wish you had babies to hold too! Do you have a friend that you could sit for and hold their baby? I am thinking that is not what you really want to do. My prayers go out to you.

Missy said...

hang in there. you'll know about that sweet baby that is to be part of your family soon. hey, is that a new profile picture? i like it. i know what you mean about not getting to open your windows when the rest of the country does. but, we'll have breezes blowing through our houses in january and february when everyone else is freezing. take care. love, missy

Choppzs said...

Beth had the BABY!!!! YAhhhh

Jodie said...

I kind of know what you mean. Maybe next year we'll try for baby #3.

I can't wait to see P's new teeth. She's such a cutie.

Risa said...

We've been having some lazy school days lately too. I think it's just that time of the year where I want to get the kids outside as much as possible because I know they won't have much more time with the sun without the snow!

Luke is yet to lose his front 2 teeth! I thought it was going to happen a couple of weeks ago because he was really working hard on one but it became really rather painful and red and swollen and bruised looking around the gum. I told him to leave it alone for a few days and it would feel better. He did but now it seems it back to being stuck only it's crooked instead of straight like it was and looks kinda funny! I think he just wanted the tooth fairy to come and tried to speed up the process!

momanna98 said...

I was just praying this morning for you that you would get pregnant and have a baby soon. Until then, enjoy your friends babies and offer to help hold the babies for them... heheh...