Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brrrrrrrr, but not too cold for worship!

It has been chilly here the last couple of days. Well, Monday it rained and rained. Then it rained some more. And you'd think it would be cold and dreary but it was so humid. There were tornado warnings and all, but I don't even think it really thundered or anything. Just rained. Then yesterday and today have been surprisingly chilly. A nice change, but I wasn't ready for it! I had to dig out all of the kids warmer clothes and realized they're in need of some things! So I'm praying that God provides for us! And of course He always does!

We've had a Bible conference at church from Sunday through today. It was so good. Refreshing. Convicting. Just when you think you heard a great preacher the sermon the next night blew your socks off even more. I love men of God who preach the Word of God and don't water it down to please people. Sunday we had a man by the name of Emir Caner. He's a former Muslim and his testimony and preaching were amazing. Just read about him on his site and it will blow you away. God is amazing. Then we had a couple of other Southern Baptist preachers who were also exceptional (Johnny Hunt and Junior Hill). Tonight we sat under the teaching of John Avant. His church is on fire for the Lord through prayer. His message was so convicting that I left with tears in my eyes and my heartstrings being pulled. There was an evangelist for the kids and they enjoyed the puppets. And he was awesome! I sat in there last night to help out and it was a blast! I don't know how those puppeteers can do what they do- especially SING! They also had special musicians come in. It was a blessing. And though we had late nights so far this week it was well worth it! I love to come away refreshed and with a new outlook on life- with God's view on things and a new passion for serving Him.


Erin said...

His brother, Ergun Caner speaks at Thomas Road. Don't they have an amzing testimony? I've never heard Emir speak, but his brother is funny as all get out.

Jodie said...

that's cool - I'm glad for you :)

Risa said...

I always look forward to those week long teachings at church! Our church is rather small here though so I don't know if the do those kids of things.