Friday, November 02, 2007

Holy Bologna!

Yesterday at the commissary I found Ring Bologna!!! I have not been able to find this anywhere but the U.P. Of course it wasn't Vollworth's, but it was ring bologna. I had to buy it! It was a bit expensive for how little it was but I didn't care. Maybe next I'll find pasties. Yeah, I won't hold onto that hope!

I know how unhealthy this is but it is just so good and brings back memories of home. Now I need to just cook up some potatoes, cook my bologna and reminisce about my childhood;)


Becca said...

We have ring bologna in most of the stores here but it's not as good as Volwerth's....tho with those THREE rotton ones we had from Volwerth's, I'm rather turned off to theirs! How do you prepare and serve yours?

Jessi said...

One of these days I'm going to get my friends pasty recipe and have you guys over...maybe after I can walk again though:)

Jodie said...

ROFL - nothing says home like ring bologna.