Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kicked in the Pants

I think I'm being kicked in the pants today. I have been wore out all day. I had to get up early to go and get blood drawn and pick up my medicine. I'm not sure if its the medicine or what but I have been pooped all day. It's kinda nice just lounging around but I feel so lazy. Well, we did run back to the base so Zach could get a haircut and we let the kiddos play at the park. And I did run to the library for the second day in a row. But besides that and wrapping up school for our week I haven't done much of anything else.

I just finished watching the movie 'Stuart Little' with the kiddos. They watched it last night with daddy while I had my Bible study and also watched it with me tonight. I must say its quite different from the book, but it was still cute (even though I hate mice). I was disappointed, as was Princess, that Margalo wasn't even mentioned in the movie since she was such a big part of Stuart's life in the book. I just typed in a search and apparently she's in the 'Stuart Little 2' movie. Guess I better reserve that one from the library!

Speaking of libraries...the one in the town we used to live in wasn't quite so kid-friendly. Of course, its a more 'uppity' town and all. They had a pretty decent children's section (but hardly any good movies), but there was a smaller library in another 'town' that had a better selection of both children's books and movies. Well, moving to this small town I must say that I really like this library. The children's section really isn't that big but my kiddos love getting books from there. And they have a huge movie selection- including newer releases, kids movies and movies for Zach & I. I came home with 6 movies tonight! Guess we'll have something to do with all of this time off;)


Amie said...

One of the things I really miss on this side of town is the branch library that was near our old house. It was great. It's wonderful to have a good library near you.

Jodie said...

My kids LOVE the Stuart Little movie. Brian hates it because he doesn't understand why the mice can talk to humans but none of the other animals can. LOL I think its cute and have sat through it a handful of times with the kids. I love watching the cats.