Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Break is Over

It is hard to believe that our nice vacation is about over. I have had the laziest week, but it has been so nice. Finally yesterday we actually did something with ourselves. We took the kiddos to our local children's museum and then went to the Humane Society to see the puppies (just for fun we're not getting one). I had fun taking pictures of the kiddos at the museum. Even though we've been there many times you never know if you may have an opportunity for a new cute picture, and as you can see in the slideshow I didn't pass up the chance!
At the Humane Society I almost broke down crying. I'm usually not one to be all emotional over animals, but to see these poor dogs' sad eyes as they sat in these tiny cages just broke my heart. I've seen it before but it never affected me then, but I admit it didn't affect me enough to adopt a dog;)
I think part of my emotion is my 'paper pregnancy' as people call it. It is so much like a pregnancy and oftentimes the littlest things can get you all emotional. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with emotions~ from sadness to delight to 'righteous' anger. Not anger at people for petty things but anger at how selfish and stingy people can be.
We watched the movie Amazing Grace last night. It was very good. If only all Christians allowed the Lord to work through them and had the passion that Mr. Wilberforce did. I've always enjoyed the song, but especially so since our music minister sang it at Malachi's funeral. Now to know the story behind the was so moving and as I sat and watched Chris Tomlin's video afterward I just let the tears flow (more emotion).
It is weird that it is the end of November and it is pouring rain outside with thunder and lightning. Even though I've lived in the south for almost 6 years I cannot get used to it. It *should* be snowing and freezing! As much as I hate to be cold I really want to move back where there are seasons and I'm hoping we will find out soon where we'll end up.
Oh and it has been declared that we are 'true Baptists'. In Sunday School we always sit in the same spot (and its in the back row). Therefore that defines us as Baptist. However, I know that people do this in any church. And I don't consider myself 'Baptist' although I do attend a Baptist church. I am a Christian following my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I don't want any other label than that I am a follower of Him. But I thought it was funny to be declared a 'true Baptist'.


Anna said...

Wow that looks like an amazing place to take the kids! Great pictures:)
So you watched the rain come down, and I lounged in my backyard sunbathing today. It's really hard to get used to especially during the holidays. The rest of the year I love the during January and Feb when you know it's blustery and cold up north:)
I really do long for the changing of seasons as well:(

Amie said...

I have "Amazing Grace" in our netflix que.

I think having a dance at your reception forever prevents you from being a "True Baptist" hehe