Monday, November 12, 2007


A variety of things to post about today.

This morning Princess and I went to see the play Aladdin. It was great! She'd never been to a play before. We knew a couple of the kids in the play from our homeschool groups. I also took her to lunch. It was our date day.

Speaking of dates, on Saturday Little Man and I went for some ice cream for our date. Then we hit the dollar store and we visited with a friend for awhile. Good fun.

Today I didn't even do school with the kiddos. By the time I got back home it was after lunch so I decided to clean our vehicles. What a job! Who would think that you'd be outside in the middle of November in shorts and sweating while cleaning cars!?!? Crazy! It's nice but at the same time I really miss seasons. We should be finding out soon about a job Zach applied for that is in the Midwest. We'll see what happens if he doesn't get it.

This weekend one of my friends from youth group is coming down here on business. He married another friend from the youth group. It's weird, I never would've seen those two together back then, but now I couldn't see them apart! It will be nice to see Josh for a bit and to catch up with him!

This weekend we went by the cemetery to see our baby. Being that its a National Cemetery, it was a bit 'decorated' for Veteran's Day. There were purple flowers on EVERY grave. It was neat. The kids love to go and 'talk' to their brother there. It's really precious.

As I was cooking dinner I was thinking how funny it is how we eat things as adults that we never ate as kids. I was the pickiest eater. Now I eat peas, I like potato soup and spinach and a variety of other things I've never eaten as a kid. And it wasn't my mom's cooking, because she is a good cook~ where else would I have inherited that trait from;)

I need to figure out my menu for part of the week. Payday is approaching so I'm not certain what the entire week entails. Thanks to Anne who posted a link to this I may not have to do so much shopping! I've always got a full cupboard of things I don't always use. Now I need to inventory what is in there and USE it!!!

Well, I've got to finish dinner, laundry and I have Bible study tonight. But before I go I've got good news. My friend from church, Kathryn, is having her first baby! I am SO excited for her!!! And my friend Kim that is also adopting from Liberia got her I171h on Saturday!!! She already knows which child she's adopting so hopefully it won't take too much longer for Janet to come home!!! Wonder what other good news is around the corner.

Stay tuned. Maybe there will be more soon!


Mom said...

What is a l171h your friend got on Liberia adoption?
Yes you are right about being such a picky eater and that it had nothing to do with my cooking! I don't always like to cook but have to feed my man! Looking forward to hunting but not messing with camp food. I'm going to try cooking with can foods as much as I can. More than I did last year anyway.
Enjoy your time with Josh, even if you have to change your schedule to see him as you never know when you may get that chance again.

Amie said...

I'm still a picky eater.

I just found out one of my good friends is pregnant with her 4th, and my sister Steph is pregnant again! Her babies will be 14 months apart!

Jodie said...

I love mommychef. She could be me! I really need to do what you guys do and plan meals. I waste so much money!!

That is so sweet that you and your kids have dates. That is another thing I should start doing.

Bethany told me Josh was going to see you guys. That will be fun. Josh is a hoot.