Sunday, November 18, 2007


Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged since Wednesday. I guess I haven't had a whole lot to share. Let's see...what have I been up to?

  • Yesterday we went to the Mobile International Festival. Let me tell you that I second guessed our going when I saw the parking lot- cars waiting to pay to park and a line almost to the end of the lot. I didn't expect such a big crowd! I really wanted to go to see things on Africa. We got to eat foods from other countries and walk around and see different exhibits. W also watched a few of the performances, although it was really difficult to do because there were just too many people. I hate 'people congestion'. Especially when they're rude and just stand in the middle of the 'road' or don't move so other people can see the displays. The kiddos enjoyed getting their 'passports' stamped from each country, but by the end they were cranky and tired.
  • Zach wanted to drive home for Thanksgiving! That wouldn't be so bad if we would've left on Friday! But, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and we also have nursery next Sunday. It just isn't feasible to drive so far in such a short time. If only we had family a bit closer!
  • We were invited somewhere for Thanksgiving!!! This is a huge relief for me. Holidays are hard when you're not with family (or even good friends). I am not sure if we're even going though, Zach hasn't given me his answer. I love to have a meal at home, and especially leftovers, but sometimes its nice to have a break from all of the work involved in it and to offer to bring a few dishes to share! KWIM?
  • Do you know that I have not been very hospitable since we've moved in to our new house back in August? I hate that we haven't had anybody over for dinner in that whole time! At the same time, we always wonder who to invite! Well, this week we're trying to have quite a few people over throughout the week, especially since Zach is off.
  • Tomorrow morning I go to the doctor. I haven't been since a couple of weeks after I had Malachi. I just have a few things I'd like to talk to him about. Now that I'm finally desiring another baby I guess I feel like I want to talk with my doctor about it.
  • I have been on the treadmill almost every day for a week (let's hope I keep it up). I didn't get on it yesterday but I cleaned the night before and in the morning and then we did a lot of walking at the festival. Hopefully I'll see some results soon.

That's about it. Nothing really exciting to write home about.


Risa said...

We almost didn't have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving - our first away from family. I was kinda freaking out because I like to be around family too. But we decided to spend the money and drive to Bob's families. It will be nice.

I have a DR appointment today too...the first since Luke was born! I'm not looking forward to it - I just had my blood taken and I have to go back in about 15 min. for the rest and the results...woo-hoo...sounds like fun!

Hope everything goes well at your appt.! :)

DDK23 said...

I hate crowds too. Mostly because I just get panicked if I can't see a clear way to an exit, and being 5'2 that happens a lot. The other reason is people being rude. I just can't stand it when people don't even notice they are taking up so much room or realize others want to get by. I the flip side I sometimes wish I could be that ignorant about it because I wouldn't be so upset by it:-)

Amie said...

We have the opposite problem with Thanksgiving. We could easily drive to family, but unfortunately jails don't close on Holidays. Oh well.. the kids and I will be in the UP for Christmas and Jeremiah will come up for New Years and to get us.

That sounds like a really cool festival!

Pretty soon I'm going to have to start walking on the treadmill instead of outside and i'm NOT looking forward to the transition.