Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Tonight was a productive one. Well, after we 'played' a bit. We had a movie to return and then Zach drove to the mall (which was right there). We browsed the bookstore and headed to JCP. I am still trying to find a coat for Princess. While there I decided to look at the dresses. Zach's work Christmas party is approaching, although he's not sure if we're going yet. I decided to have a bit of fun and try on dresses I would never buy. Zach gave me this one to try! I CRACKED up! I did try on two that I liked but I feel like I'd need to lose a bit of weight before actually wearing them. They're really not something I'd usually wear but they're cute and I never really get anything fancy, whether its a special occasion or not. If I decide to go with a dress, it would be this one or a black one that's a bit longer and to me a bit more modest. Some of the other dresses I tried on were hilarious...something you would never catch me in.

Then Zach decided to try on some suits. The only time I've ever seen him in a suit of any kind was our wedding. He rarely even wears ties. Although, he does wear his Blues when he has to and I admit I like those! He tried on a pinstripe suit. It was really funny. Then he tried on a vest over a dress shirt. Even funnier. It was fun...and we didn't even spend any money! What a way to spend a Tuesday evening!

We then came home and went through the boy's toys. Their room was driving me insane. Toys everywhere and never put away right. The toy box (which is in the closet) just heaping. Broken toys everywhere. I couldn't stand it anymore. We had a whole garbage bag full and you can actually see in the toy box! Then I thought, since I was at it I'd go through the playroom. Another garbage bag full plus some! Plus I had tons of clothes to get rid of. Now I need to figure out if I want to attempt another garage sale or yet. I'd really like to make a bit of money from it all for our adoption. I even added at least 40 books to paperbackswap! I've got to go through Princess' room as she collects things like you wouldn't believe!


Angie said...

That red dress would be BEAUTIFUL for a Christmas party. You looked stunning in all the dresses you tried on I bet! (I know Zach would agree with me!)

Jodie said...

That red dress is really pretty.

I just went through and weeded out all of the kids toys and clothes. We gave bag upon bag away to the local Vets group. Brian is mad at me for just giving our stuff away instead of trying to sell it. I'm too lazy to try and sell it. That takes work! Good luck. :)

Mom said...

You like you need to lose weight!

Amie said...

Sounds like fun! Jeremiah would never try on clothes...lol. He just drops me off at the mall and runs.

Risa said...

You should have had your camera with you!